2016 Citroen DS5 Review

The new 2016 Citroen DS5 is expected to be an ideal family vehicle for the stylish end of the market. This will be facilitated by the car being designed in an attractive and modern way. The vehicle will also have a strong engine that will make it possible to drive conveniently in various kinds of terrains. Makers of this vehicle are expected to endow it with diverse modern features that will mainly be based on the latest technology.

2016 Citroen DS5 front view

2016 Citroen DS5 – Exterior and Interior Design

The 2016 Citroen DS5 will have an intriguing blend of coupe, SUV, hatchback and estate looks. This will make this vehicle fit perfectly on the modern market where most car buyers greatly consider the looks. The front end of this vehicle will have a big grille and fog lights which will be used to reduce reflective light while driving in rainy or foggy conditions. There will also be redesigned LED head lights which will be used to enhance the looks of the vehicle and also increase visibility. This vehicle will also be endowed with larger air intakes which will allow enough air to pass into the engine and also on the front braking system. This vehicle will have wipers using the latest rain sensing technology to enhance convenience in driving this vehicle. Furthermore, the rear side of this vehicle will also undergo various improvements including smaller and elevated LED tail lights.

The exhaust system of this vehicle will be improved where it will have two modern exhausts on each side of the vehicle. It will also have four doors and will be available in a variety of colors. Inside this vehicle, there will also be various state of the art properties that will be meant to make the interior of the 2016 Citroen DS5 more comfortable and relaxing. Amongst these interior features include well arranged seats which will be covered using soft materials to make them more comfortable. The arrangement of these seats ensures that there is enough leg and head room to further enhance comfort. The windows of this vehicle will be able to open automatically using remote control. The temperatures inside the vehicle will be regulated using a zonal climate control system. The dash board of this vehicle is expected to have a number of switches and buttons to enhance control of various features of the 2016 Citroen DS5. There will also be a large touch screen that will be mounted at the middle of the cabin which will notify the driver about the condition of the car’s features such as the fuel and pressure levels amongst others. This car will also have diverse connectivity options and the infotainment will be improved to enhance entertainment options.

2016 Citroen DS5 interior

2016 Citroen DS5 – Engine and Performance

Reliable sources have confirmed that this vehicle will be using a 1.5 liter four cylinder engine that will have the ability to produce a torque of 185 and 210 hp. This engine will be paired with a six speed transmission which will provide the car with enough power to be used especially in smooth terrains. This engine will be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph within nine seconds. The fuel efficiency of the 2016 Citroen DS5 will be relatively high to allow users spend lesser on fuel.

2016 Citroen DS5 rear view

2016 Citroen DS5 – Price and Release Date

The release date of the 2016 Citroen DS5 is expected to be during the early months of 2016 since this vehicle is already on the final stages of development. The starting price is expected to be about $21, 000 but this price might change depending on features.

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