2016 Dacia Duster Redesign

The 2016 Dacia Duster is expected to perform well in the market in terms of sales just like the previous models. This is attributed to the fact that for the four years that Renault has been producing Dusters, car owners have come to love and trust these car models. Makers of this vehicle are expected to keep up with the good work and release an even better SUV with modern and technologically oriented features.

2016 Dacia Duster front view

2016 Dacia Duster – Exterior and Interior Design

This new 2016 Dacia Duster will most likely continue to use the Renault Clio platform which has been used by the previous model. This means that this new vehicle will have the signature Duster look but with various improvements to make it resonate better with modern buyers. Some of the exterior features to be changed on this vehicle include the LED head lights which will be made slimmer to make the vehicle look more attractive. The grille and bumper will also be redesigned so that they can provide the car with a sportier and more elegant look. The air intakes on the front will be enlarged especially because the 2016 Dacia Duster will most likely have a bigger engine and therefore will require more cooling air. The length of the new duster will be increased from the current 4.31 meters to 4.5 meters which will, in turn, create room for an extra row of seats and more space for luggage. This vehicle will be available in a variety of attractive colors which allow buyers to choose their most preferred colors. Because of the increased length, the 2016 Dacia Duster is expected to accommodate seven people comfortably. The extra row of seats will be optional and therefore buyers will be able to choose to depend on their preferences. All the seats inside this new vehicle will be covered using leather which will make them more comfortable. On the inside, there will also be a beautiful brownish trim which will be made with diverse high-quality materials including real wood. The driver of this vehicle will be able to access diverse knobs and switches to conveniently control the vehicle. The cabin of this car will have an eight-inch color touch screen which the driver will use to determine the performance and condition of diverse features. Various features of this new Duster such as the infotainment system will also be controlled through the touch screen. Furthermore, this vehicle will have automatically opened windows and an automatic starting system. There will also be different connection options where the driver will even be able to use the hand’s-free phone through the wireless Bluetooth.

2016 Dacia Duster interior

2016 Dacia Duster – Engine and Performance

The primary engine of the 2016 Dacia Duster is expected to be a 1.2-liter turbo diesel engine that will be able to produce a torque of 250 lb-ft and 123 hp. This engine will be combined with a six-speed transmission and an all wheel drive. There will also be another engine which will be purposely for the vehicles with an additional low of seats. This engine will be a 1.6-liter dCi that will produce 130 hp and will be ideal for off road performance. These engines are expected to have moderate speeds and high fuel economy.

2016 Dacia Duster rear view

2016 Dacia Duster – Release Date and Price

The 2016 Dacia Duster is already in advanced development stages and therefore it is expected to be released by the end of 2015 and its starting price is expected to be about $41, 000 which will vary depending on engine option.

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