2016 Dodge Journey Review

After many failures and non-success of its first version which was released in the year 2009, Dodge has plans to come out with a new version making it more modernized and re-designing it to make it attractive to new generations. The 2016 Dodge Journey comes out in three versions, and they are SXT, SX, R/T as well as R/T AWD. The overall car has a good rating and it is also a concept car from Dodge. The whole car creates an impression of relaxing and better driving experience.

2016 Dodge Journey front view

2016 Dodge Journey – Exterior and Interior

The 2016 Dodge journey has a similar interior design to Chrysler 200. The SUV has a classy but yet subtle European style. It will have new touch airbags for protection, dual zone control button, parking assistance facilities, 8 inch LED screen with full GPS connectivity. New weather forecast channel and brand new CUSW system. The SUV has great dynamics to provide driver and passenger comfort for keeping their legs and luggage. Its sleek design makes the car as one of the best-looking cars of 2016. New dense materials have also been added to the outer body to keep the car cool from sunlight. The windscreen and the roof of the car are made up of a nanotechnology, which can auto repair, adjust color and opacity. The 2016 Dodge Journey is a medium sized family car, but it is a lot cheaper from before. It has a new AM/FM stereo and a Mp3 player with USB and full Bluetooth connectivity has been added. A new oil has been introduced into the gear system to provide uplifting without any resistance. It may turn the tables for Dodge, which has after a long time decided to pull something new into the market. In addition to that, we can expect a lot of improvements in the dashboard. So, we will be waiting for this wonderful car to come out in the market.

2016 Dodge Journey interior

2016 Dodge Journey – Engine Specs

This car comes up with two engines, one being a 4 cylinder DOHC engine with 2.4-liter capacity producing 173 HP and 166 LBS-FT of torque. And another option is V6 DOHC engine with 3.4-liter capacity generating 283 HP and 260 LBS-FT of torque. According to the latest reports the Dodge company has promised to give 2016 Dodge Journey a 4-speed automatic transmission. But it might have a manual transmission version as well.The engine provides a mileage of 17 mpg on the city roads and around 25 mpg on the highways. We can expect a lot of cargo space for luggage. The 2016 Dodge Journey is a three row 7-seated SUV with more space near the driver seat. Good ground clearance makes the car anywhere to drive. The car is heavy and its gross weight is close to 6500 lbs. A wider wheelbase gives it a better road grip and a better off-road driving experience. It has a distinctive design and a good built quality.

2016 Dodge Journey rear view

2016 Dodge Journey – Price and Release Date

The car will be available in the showrooms at the end of 2015-2016 and will be priced between $25,000 and $40,000 depending upon the engine and color specifications.

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