2016 Dodge Ramcharger Specs, Price

The Dodge is known for producing powerful and well-performing trucks and cars for over one hundred years. As a result, many people are expecting the 2016 Dodge Ramcharger to be better even than the current model. This new vehicle will have exceptional state of the art features that will make it ideal for sports and also for family use. The makers of this powerful vehicle have also ensured buyers will get the vehicles that meet their precise needs by providing four different trims which are primarily differentiated by the engines.

2016 Ramcharger front

2016 Dodge Ramcharger – Exterior and Interior Design

Various changes will be made on the exterior of the 2016 Dodge Ramcharger to make it look even more intimidating than the previous models. One of the most outstanding changes is that the new model will not have a square shape like the current model. Instead, the new model will undergo a facelift that will mainly concentrate on the front and rear areas to make it more powerful. The head lights will be made slightly bigger to give this vehicle a powerful appearance. The grille and the bumper will also be increased in size with the same intention of making this vehicle look more powerful. This will be complimented by new chassis which will make it bigger. The rear side of the 2016 Dodge Ramcharger will also be redesigned where there will be the inclusion of solid lines close to the tail lights. The rear lights will not be using the LED technology as in the previous models and their shapes will also be redesigned. The wheel size will probably remain the same since many buyers liked the big wheels on the previous models. The change in exterior shape of the 2016 Dodge Ramcharger will have an effect on the interior of this vehicle. Some of the interior features will have to be repositioned to take into account the external changes. However, comfort inside the vehicle will still be top quality where the seats will be covered using fine materials and will be positioned in a way that there will be ample space for everyone.

The cabin of this new vehicle will be improved significantly to make more appealing and also make driving more convenient. Some the features on the cabin include a steering wheel which will be using heating technology and which will be covered using leather to give the driver a better grip. There will also be a big TFT screen on the cabin which will assist the driver in controlling diverse features of the vehicle. This 2016 Dodge Ramcharger will also have various entertainment options, connectivity options and state of the art temperature regulating system.

2016 Ramcharger interior

2016 Dodge Ramcharger – Engine and Performance

There will be four different engines (one V6 and three V8) powering the different trims of the 2016 Dodge Ramcharger. However, the primary engines are anticipated to be a 6.4-liter V8 engine that will be able to produce 400 hp. The engine will be paired with an eight-speed transmission which will transfer power to all the wheels of the vehicle. 

2016 Ramcharger SIDE

2016 Dodge Ramcharger – Price and Release Date

The release date of the 2016 Dodge Ramcharger is anticipated to be during the early months of 2016 and the starting price will be between $28, 990 and $34, 990 depending on the trim.

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