2016 Scion xB Review

Toyota’s brand Scion is preparing to release the refreshed and newly designed 2016 Scion Xb. Even though the previous model was released not long ago, the brand has decided to bring an even more improved car that will be able to keep up with competition in the market. This vehicle will be endowed with various state of the art features that will make its usage better and also make it more attractive.

2016 Scion xB front

2016 Scion xB – Exterior and Interior Design

Some of the exterior features of the 2016 Scion Xb will experience major overhaul while others will just be improved slightly. This vehicle will get more changes on the front interface which is the primary area which customers emphasize on while choosing a car. Even through there will be no radical changes from the previous model, the front bumper will be redesigned to make it look more attractive. The LED head lights of this vehicle will also be made thinner and more powerful to improve their efficiency and also make the car look more elegant. There will be ample space on the front to allow proper aeration and cooling of the engine. On the rear side of this vehicle, there will also be changes where the taillights will be slightly elevated to make them more visible. The wheel of this vehicle will remain the same size which has proved to be effective in the previous models.

The 2016 Scion Xb wil have a better looking and comfortable interior compared to previous models. Amongst the outstanding interior features of this vehicle include a six point one inch touch screen which will be used to control various features of this vehicle and also alert the driver in case there are certain features not functioning properly. This vehicle will also have an attractive cream trim which will make it look more elegant. The dashboard where the six point one screen will be mounted will also be improved to make it more convenient to use. The seats of this car will be covered using soft materials which will enhance comfort. The windows on this car will be opened remotely to further enhance convenience. There will also be a dual zone climate control feature that will primarily be used to regulate temperature. The 2016 Scion Xb will also have a surround system that will have a total of six speakers and audio input. Connectivity inside this car will be facilitated by the USB port and wireless Bluetooth which will enable the driver to use the hands free phone to send messages and receive calls while driving.

2016 Scion xB interior

2016 Scion xB – Engine and Performance

The primary engine that will be developed for the 2016 Scion Xb is expected to be a 2.4 liter inline-four DOHC engine that will have the ability to generate a horsepower of 158 and a torque of 162 pound-feet. This engine will be paired with either four-speed auto or five-speed manual transmissions. The engine will have a high fuel economy for the sake of saving fuel. There are speculations that this vehicle might also have an eclectic battery which will be paired with a 1.3 liter petrol engine. This second engine will have an even higher fuel economy to save more on fuel.

2016 Scion xB rear

2016 Scion xB – Price and Release Date

Makers of the 2016 Scion Xb are expected to release it to the market during the third or last quarter of 2015. The starting price for this car will be about $18, 000 even though this might change depending on engine option and features.

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