2016 Suzuki iM-4 Specs, Price

Suzuki unveiled its world premier concept model in the 2015 Geneva motor show. The new model 2016 Suzuki iM-4 will be endowed with feature that will qualify it to rival the already existing SUVs in the market. These features are primarily technologically oriented where they use state of the art technology. The design of new 2016 Suzuki iM-4 is also attractive consequently giving users the benefit of driving a sleek vehicle.

2016 Suzuki iM-4 front view

2016 Suzuki iM-4 – Exterior and Interior Design

Makers of the 2016 Suzuki iM-4 have emphasized in ensuring that the appearance of this new SUV is attractive. This has been achieved through designing this vehicle in a manner that it fits perfectly amongst other modern SUVs. Amongst the exterior features of this vehicle include a front interface with a grill that looks like sun glasses. This vehicle has a relatively large front bumper which makes it get a masculine look. The front appearance is further enhanced by big LED head lights and in built fog lights which are used to give the driver clear visibility while at the same time enhancing the looks of the vehicle. The roof of the Suzuki iM-4 looks like a helmet and therefore makes this vehicle outstanding. The glass area and the shoulders have straight architectonic lines which make this car more beautiful. This vehicle will be using eighteen inch alloy wheels with five trapezoid design. It will have four doors unlike the other close models from Suzuki which have two doors and it will be available in a white body color which further makes it elegant. Inside the 2016 Suzuki iM-4 there are also state of the art features that make this car comfortable for the driver and passengers. Even though once this vehicle is released to the market there will no too much up scale interior features, it will still have some out standing features. Some of these interior features include leather covered seats which are meant to enhance comfort. These seats are well positioned to ensure the driver and the passengers have ample head and leg room. The dash board of this vehicle is also made in a modern design where there are diverse state of the art features. Some of the outstanding features on the dash board include a huge touch screen which is used to alert the driver in case the vehicle has any malfunction and control the features. There will also be a dual climate control system on the interior of the vehicle so as to regulate the temperature. Furthermore, this new SUV will have various connection platforms such as USB port and wireless Bluetooth which will allow the driver to use the hands free phone. There will also be state of the art infotainment and various safety features inside he vehicle such as airbags.

2016 Suzuki iM-4 interior

2016 Suzuki iM-4 – Engine and Performance

This 2016 Suzuki iM-4 will be powered by a 1.2 liter dual jet four cylinder engine that will have the ability to generate a horse power of 89 and a torque of 89 pound feet. This means that this car will have moderate power which is ideal especially for a new car that is to be used both in on road and off road terrains. This engine will have a high fuel economy which means that users of this vehicle will be able to save more on fuel.

2016 Suzuki iM-4 rear view

2016 Suzuki iM-4 – Price and Release Date

The 2016 Suzuki iM-4 is already in advanced development stages and it is expected to be released to the market during the third or fourth quarter of 2015. The starting price of this vehicle is expected to be about $19,000.

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