2017 Honda CRV Changes, Release Date

The Honda is a Japanese car manufacturing company. The company has never failed to make an impression whenever it releases a model. The Honda Company will be hoping to maintain its reputation when it launches 2017 Honda CRV. Those who love productions by Honda will love this upcoming model due to many appealing features that it will have. The producers of this model will be hoping that it will startle the car industry. Rumors have it that this model will be imported in the UK after it has been produced in Canada.

2017 Honda CRV Front view

2017 Honda CRV – Interior and Exterior Design

Although some changes are expected to be seen on this upcoming model, it will not be much different from the current models. This new edition will be slightly larger than the current models in the market as it will be large-sized SUV. The increased size of the model will be for accommodating a new range of features including an increased seating arrangement. The model’s interior has been speculated to be much similar to the one found in the HR-V. A new shaped grille and headlights improvisation are some of the changes that you will be able to note. Fog lights, wide bumper, and a sunroof will be some of the extra features to be incorporated in the 2017 Honda CRV. The model seating arrangement will allow up to seven passengers to be on board. This model is expected to feature the four-wheeled underpinnings.

The alloy wheels will be seventeen inches sized with a two-tone finish. The rear and second-row seating arrangements will get to have a privacy glass. The security system in the 2017 Honda CRV has been improved to match with the current situation in the market. An upgraded suspension will improve the cars handling, precision, and its stability The dashboard layout and the touchscreen infotainment system are not expected to deviate much from that in the previous releases. The display will give information concerning weather updates and allow the driver to use the navigation system provided to maneuver through various terrains. Safety features included will be airbags, seat-belts and other updated aspects of technological pieces.

2017 Honda CRV interior

2017 Honda CRV – Engine and Performance

Due to the different types of trim levels offered there will be several variations in the engines provided in the 2017 Honda CRV. A 1.6-liter diesel engine with a power output of 118 hp or a 1.5-liter petrol engine with an output of 128 hp may be provided as the first option. The second option will include a 1.8-liter engine having four cylinders with an output of 141 hp and 127 pounds of torque or a 2.2-liter diesel engine being found in the hybrid variant. All these engines will have turbocharged units that will improve the power delivery in the 2017 Honda CRV. Most of the provided engines will either have three or four cylinders. It’s being speculated that the model will have a double-clutch transmission system that is widely known for improved fuel economy and performance, the transmission system has also been known to reduce instances of gear hunting.

2017 Honda CRV rear view

2017 Honda CRV – Price and Release Date

Its speculated that the 2017 Honda CRV will be offered in five trim levels with the price of the basic model being estimated to start from $40,000. The model is expected to released for sale by the mid of 2017.

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