2017 Land Rover Defender Price, Specs

The upcoming 2017 Land Rover Defender will be a powerful vehicle that is poised to be a market leader in many different aspects. In fact, this vehicle is the most powerful vehicle ever produced by this automobile making company. The exterior has diverse unique and powerful features that make the vehicle an ideal off-road vehicle. On the interior there are outstanding state of the art features that are primarily meant to enhance convenience and comfort. To provide the vehicle with the necessary power, there is a powerful upgraded engine that is complimented by high fuel efficiency.

2017 Land Rover Defender front view

2017 Land Rover Defender – Exterior and Interior Design

The design of this 2017 Land Rover Defender is based on the Land Rover DC100 concept which was introduced back in 2011. This design comes with an intimidating and powerful look which is suitable for an off-road vehicle. The front area of this upcoming powerful vehicle has a unique refreshed grille that enhances elegance. There is also an enlarged front bumper which also houses the more visible and effective fog lights. The head lights still have the signature round shape and use the latest LED technology which besides making them more powerful also helps in conserving power since this technology uses less power. On the lower front area there are large air intakes which are meant to allow air into the powerful engine and front braking system. The 2017 Land Rover Defender being an off-road vehicle means that it has large wheels with strong suspensions to enable it navigate through rough terrains conveniently. On the back side there are sharper taillights and an upgraded exhaust system. There is also a defogger on the rear window which works with the automatic rain sensing wipers on the windscreen to provide the driver with better visibility.

Despite being an off-road vehicle, the 2017 Land Rover Defender has a variety of state of the art and comfortable interior features. One of these features is the beautiful trim made using genuine and authentic wood and plastic. There are properly spaced leather-covered seats on the interior that provide optimum comfort. Users of this vehicle who might want to carry luggage can get ample cargo space on the back interior area. There are also connection options inside the vehicle which include; satellite navigation, USB ports, wireless Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hot spot, smart phone connectivity and wireless charging. This car comes with keyless starting technology and the windows can be opened automatically from one point. There is also an updated dual zone climate control system that helps in regulating the temperatures on the interior regardless of the exterior temperatures. Entertainment is provided by a newly upgraded infotainment system which is controlled from the touch screen mounted on the dashboard. This dashboard has been refreshed to ensure it is more interactive and use friendly. This powerful vehicle comes with a leather-covered steering wheel which uses the latest technology to provide the driver with a better control. Furthermore, safety has also been enhanced inside this vehicle where there are safety belts and air bags for all the occupants.

2017 Land Rover Defender interior

2017 Land Rover Defender – Engine and Performance

Under the hood of this 2017 Land Rover Defender there will be a 2.0 liter unit that will be using diesel and will have the capacity to produce 174 lb-ft of torque and 150 HP. This engine has a new chassis and is mated with an 8 speed transmission that is automatic. The engine is available in four-wheel drive system and is anticipated to have a high fuel efficiency.

2017 Land Rover Defender air view

2017 Land Rover Defender – Release Date and Price

This 2017 Land Rover Defender will hit the market during the first quarter of 2016 with a starting price of about $61, 000.

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