2017 Land Rover Discovery Price, Specs

A sleeker and sportier version of its predecessor the upcoming 2017 Land Rover Discovery will surely run for the title of the most expected SUV. Land Rover is a renowned car manufacturer that has been on the market for quite some time and their expertise is always welcomed when they have a new release. Such is the case for the 2017 Land Rover Discovery with great technical capabilities and also state of the art electronics that will make driving this SUV pure pleasure. It comes in four models the Pure, SE, HSE and Luxury HSE with different options for comfort and technology.

2017 Land Rover Discovery front view
2017 Land Rover Discovery – Exterior and Interior

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery will show some improvement regarding the general look and feel of the car as opposed to its previous models. This time we are going to see a sleeker, a more aerodynamic body making this SUV feel like it’s coming off the race track at the same time keeping it compact and robust to accommodate even the most adventurous off-road driver. The 2017 Land Rover Discovery is equipped with all the modern features a vehicle of its caliber can have such as Xenon headlights and all the sensors you could imagine for a smooth drive. The total size of this car will be 4,6 meters long and 2,17 meters wide with enough room inside for all it’s possible utilities from large families to transporting goods.

The interior of the new Land Rover Discovery has been announced to be very flexible, with capabilities to modify the second row of seats and even implementing a third row that can be folded and unfolded to get as much room as possible. Having all the modern electronic facilities from 12v sockets fitted into the seats and great multimedia and Bluetooth technology making the experience for all the passengers an enjoyable one. The driver has 4 possible ways to adjust the steering column and has access to a 8-inch touch screen and video display to connect him with all the car’s features from parking assist to rear-view camera.

2017 Land Rover Discovery interior
2017 Land Rover Discovery – Engine and Performance

With an imposing vehicle such as the new Land Rover Discovery the primary engine setup will be composed of a 2.0 liter Diesel engine producing 250 lb-ft of torque at 240 hp. This SUV will be fitted with a 6 speed transmission. Land Rover have come up with an option of a 2.0 litre Petrol engine that will make it just a bit faster also there will be an option for 9 speed transmission. The company prides itself with high fuel economy, the 2017 Land Rover Discovery averaging 60 mpg.

2017 Land Rover Discovery rear view

2017 Land Rover Discovery – Release Date and Price

The new Land Rover Discovery is expected to appear on the market sometime in the upcoming year, having some models available to pre-order at a high variety of options. The standard Pure model will be available for around $ 38,000 but the price may go up considerably depending on the wide list of options to choose from. The ball is on your court, enjoy your ride.

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