2017 Lexus RX 350 Release Date, Price

The Lexus RX 350 is well-known for its elegant and sleeker look. In order to keep this car competitive over other SUVs, the Japanese automaker is planning to release a new model. This will be 2017 Lexus RX 350. With a futuristic design and a whole lot of sophisticated features, the new car is expected to be sleeker, more fuel-efficient and powerful than the outgoing models. Featuring aluminum bodywork, the new RX 350 will be lighter than its predecessor. It will suit customers who love having comfortable rides in good-looking cars.

2017 Lexus RX 350 front view

2017 Lexus RX 350 –¬†Body and Designs:

The new RX 350 will get a refurbished exterior. The automaker will try to include sleek and sporty features in an effort to keep the pleasing look of the car. The chassis will be 3 inches wider than the outgoing model. It will get sharper panels, which are expected to improve its aerodynamic ability.

The grill will not get any major changes. It will be huge and attractive like that of the predecessor. The headlights are expected to feature the LED technology and intensity control. The rear fascia will get a well-designed bumper and tailpipe, made to make the car trendier. Other exterior features include a wider wheelbase and stronger tires.

2017 Lexus RX 350 will have a roomy cabin, spacious enough for all passengers. There will be enough head and leg room. 5 passengers will be able to fit comfortably in the upcoming model. There will also be a cargo space for the passengers’ luggage. Other notable features in the cabin include smooth and soft steering wheel and comfortable seats with strong safety belts.

When it comes to technological changes, the 2017 Lexus RX 350 will have GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and automatic climate control. The cabin will also get a large display and a whole lot of multimedia features. There will be more safety features in the new Lexus car. Some of them include: pre-collision system, electronic access system, fire alarm devices, automatic road recovery, seat belts, emergency brakes and airbags.

2017 Lexus RX 350 interior

2017 Lexus RX 350 –¬†Powerful Engine and Performance:

The Lexus is expected to employ two engine options for its new SUV. The first one will be a 3.5-L V8 engine, capable of generating 200 HP. This engine is already being used in the predecessor and has proven to be quite reliable in terms of performance and fuel efficiency.

The other option will be a 3.5-L V6, capable of producing 270 HP and 248 lb-ft. It will be paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission for a front-wheel drive or an 8-speed automatic transmission for a four-wheel drive. When running on the V6 engine, the 2017 Lexus RX 350 SUV will have a fuel consumption of 19 mpg city and 21 mpg highway.

2017 Lexus RX 350 rear view

2017 Lexus RX 350 – Competition and Pricing:

The release date is expected to be scheduled in the first half of 2016. The base model will be priced at around $42,000. The trims will sell at higher prices. For example, the V8 sports model is expected to retail at $51,000.

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