2017 Range Rover Price, Specs

The 2017 Range Rover will be one of the most awaited car models of its kind. This car will meet technological advancements that any user will desire. Its design will be amazing and attractive to the buyers and viewers. This car will allow users to enjoy entertainment as well as the driving due to its excellent features, speed, comfort and controlled conditions in the car. This stylish car will offer a luxurious and awesome experience to the users.

2017 Range Rover front view

2017 Range Rover – Interior and Exterior Design

The 2017 Range Rover model has a unique interior design that gives satisfaction to the users. It’s fitted with high-quality leather and fabric seats that make it feel more comfortable than its predecessors. It has more leg stretching space than previous models, making passengers of second and third rows more comfortable and less squeezed. The car model has a capacity of seven passengers, much more than the previous models. It has a larger cargo space that allows the users to transport their goods more efficiently. 2017 Range Rover will be equipped with multiple sensors to aid in lane assistance, forward crash warnings and rear bumper sensors. The model will have some security measures that include mid front air bags that ensures crash safety, cautions on crash programs, safety belts, SOS Emergency Call, side mirrors and a vision technology that will help in lane keeping.

It will also be able to access navigation and Google maps as well as satellite radio and television. It will also allow for smart phone connectivity, Bluetooth, phone charging, multiple USB ports and Wi-Fi connectivity. It will also have a stereo music system and a touch-screen media device that provides a source of entertainment in this luxurious car model.

The exterior design will be one of its kind that will bring out the beauty and attractiveness of this car model. It will have LED front headlights that will be having sweeping LED indicators. It will have a dynamic adaptive system that will make driving a good experience. It has trimmed grill with a larger air intake. 2017 Range Rover will have spike tires that will allow minimal wheel skidding, making it comfortable to use in any terrain. This car model will be having a variety of colors for users to choose from and an outward appearance that satisfies the users and viewers eyes.

2017 Range Rover interior

2017 Range Rover – Engine and Performances

The 2017 Range Rover model will be having with a powerful engine that allows more performance than that of its predecessors. It will run on Ingenium diesel and petrol engines as an addition to 3,0 V6 engine. It will produce a horsepower of 340 and 332 lb-ft torque. It will have an eight-speed automatic transmission. This model will have higher acceleration than previous models and a larger load carrying ability. It will accelerate to 60 mph within 6.5 seconds, which is better performance compared to its predecessors. This vehicle will also be more fuel economical as compared to other immediate predecessors.

2017 Range Rover side view

2017 Range Rover – Price and Release Date

The new Range Rover model will be on release into the market on 2017.

The price of this car model will range from $60,000 to $ 90,000.

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