2017 Rolls Royce SUV

The Rolls Royce is finally coming out with an SUV. Like all Rolls-Royce models, the 2017 Rolls Royce SUV will be the epitome of luxury. It features the iconic Rolls Royce look, and has all the top of the line features that a luxury car owner can expect from Rolls Royce. This SUV, named Cullinan, is sure to blow its competitors out of the water.

2017 Rolls Royce SUV front
2017 Rolls Royce SUV – Improved Interiors:

The 2017 SUV Rolls Royce is as impressive as an SUV can look. It features the classic Rolls Royce design but has been extended and enlarged in order to accommodate the larger size required for an SUV. Improvements to the body have been made as well. The body of the Cullian is made from new, specially designed aluminum that is lighter and stronger than the traditional steel and composite material that has been used on previous Rolls Royce models. This makes the new 2017 Rolls Royce SUV both lighter and more fuel-efficient than previous models.

The interior of the 2017 Rolls Royce SUV is also elegantly redesigned. It has the latest technology including an improved dashboard and console that gives the driver easy access to all the controls. The touchscreen electronic front panel has all of the latest safety features, including hands-free Bluetooth-enabled phone integration. It also has the latest in audio technology and a climate control system that is unbeatable. There is also plenty of high-quality wooden paneling inside the vehicle. The paneling will give the Rolls Royce Cullian a sleek, sophisticated look. The high-quality leather seats are both extremely comfortable and add to the luxury and comfort of this high-end SUV.

2017 Rolls Royce SUV interior
2017 Rolls Royce SUV – Engine and Specs:

Like all Rolls Royce models, there is just as much focus on the engine and performance of the 2017 Rolls Royce SUV, as there is on the way it looks and feels. After all, having a pretty car is not all that great if it is not also useful and comfortable to drive. The engine on the Rolls Royce Cullian is based on of the same engine in the Rolls Royce Phantom. It has a 6.6 L V-12 Ghost twin-turbo engine that provides up to 650 horse power and 600 lbs of torque, making this a powerful engine. Rolls Royce is also making a hybrid engine for the SUV which will help save on fuel, while still providing plenty of power.

2017 Rolls Royce SUV rear view
2017 Rolls Royce SUV – Price and Release Date:

The Rolls Royce has not officially released a price or a release date yet, but the 2017 Rolls Royce SUV is expected to be released in early to mid-2017. There is no official price yet, but experts estimate that it will be close to the Bentley Bentayaga. The Bentayaga is expected to be a comparable SUV and the closest competitor. It is expected to be around $330,000. It’s a hefty price tag, but with all the high-end features and top of the line performance, the new Rolls Royce Cullian is sure to be well worth it.

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