2017 Scion xB Review

The 2017 Scion xB is anticipated to be a modern vehicle with state of the art features that will make it stand out in the market and possibly make it one of the most appealing vehicles. This is because the vehicle comes with modern features and a refreshed look. One of the areas that are more noticeable on this vehicle is the exterior since it has an attractive look and therefore it attracts a lot of customers especially the young buyers. The interior is also full of modern features which besides enhancing comfort also make it more convenient to use this vehicle. Power train of this modern vehicle is also improved so as to provide it with better driving dynamics.

2017 Scion xB front view

2017 Scion xB – Exterior and Interior Design

2017 Scion xB comes with the traditional boxy look that makes it a unique vehicle when compared with similar vehicles. The manufacturers of this vehicle have also used the latest car making trend where the body and some interior features are made using light materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber. The primary objective of this is to lower the net weight which in turn reduces fuel consumption and increases speed since there is reduced drag. The new vehicle is also wider and low than its predecessor and therefore it has a lower center of gravity which makes it more stable. The front area of this 2017 Scion xB has a unique grille that makes the vehicle look elegant. The LED headlights are more noticeable since they have been restyled. Furthermore, on the front there are two wide air vents which allow cooling air to get in. the back side of the car has some improvements including the tail lights being made sleeker and the exhaust system being upgraded. There is also an improvement on the wheels and suspension system which have been upgraded to provide users with even better driving experience.

This upcoming model is anticipated to have an elegant and luxurious interior especially considering that the previous model had a very comfortable interior. One of the most outstanding interior features includes a beautiful trim made using genuine wood. The dashboard of the vehicle also gets some improvements to make it more interactive and user-friendly. The gear and the steering wheel are all covered with leather which gives the driver better grip. Furthermore, the seats inside the 2017 Scion xB are covered with cow hides and use the latest heating technology to enhance comfort. Users of this vehicle get to enjoy properly regulated temperatures which are provided through the modern zonal climate system. There are also a variety of connection options which give the occupants freedom to connect different kinds of modern devices and also assist the driver to navigate the vehicle in a better way. It is also possible to enjoy quality entertainment while inside the vehicle since it comes with an upgraded modern infotainment unit. For safety purposes there are automatic airbags and safety belts for all the occupants.

2017 Scion xB interior

2017 Scion xB – Engine and Performance

Under the hood of this 2017 Scion xB there is a 2.4 liter DOHC inline four-cylinder engine with an ability to produce 158 HP and 146 lb-ft of torque. This engine is paired with a six speed automated transmission that is available in rear wheel drive. This engine has a relatively high fuel efficiency which enables users save more on fuel.

2017 Scion xB rear view

2017 Scion xB – Release Date and Price

The development of the 2017 Scion xB is already in advanced stages where the vehicle will be released during the third or fourth quarter of 2016 with a starting price of about $ 18, 000.

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