2017 Seat Ateca Review

The 2017 Seat Ateca is the latest version of the Seat SUVs. The SUV has received a lot of speculation being the first of its kind. As a matter of fact, technical details have been omitted by the company due to the high demand and speculations from experts. However, reliable sources have confirmed that the auto will be mildly based on the 20V20 concept. The car is highly expected to arrive on the market late this year in the course of the fair in Geneva.

2017 Seat Ateca front

2017 Seat Ateca – Body Style Changes:

The interior styling for 2017 Seat Ateca radiates simplicity as well as appeal, aiming to provide the passengers with incredible safety, comfort and luxury. The vehicle will in a broad way base its style on the Volkswagen MBQ platform. The auto has been built for both the tall and short drivers. This feature is owed to the spacious interior allowing for sufficient head and legroom. A spacious cabin has been incorporated for passenger comfort with the back seats providing sufficient cargo space.

The exteriors of the 2017 Seat Ateca are quite simple but appealing. For instance, the front is well-defined by a set of sharp but aggressive headlights. The SUV is also quite large compared to the previous SUV models – an overall length of 4,360 mm; a height of 1600 mm and 1840 mm width. The model comes with a set of the latest Leon wheels. The wheelbase is quite massive – approximately 2,600 mm offering sufficient balance on the road especially on high speed.

The 2017 Seat Ateca will provide an appropriate cargo space for both the AWD & FWD – 510 liters and 485 liters respectively. Though the auto is highly speculated to look similar to the 20V20, there will also be quite a few notable differences. For instance, the vehicle will feature an enlarged rear-view mirror and smaller wheels to offer a more conventional design. However, the most distinguishable feature between the two models lies in their design – the latter is more of a sports car while the former is highly designed to meet the needs of a family car.

2017 Seat Ateca interior

2017 Seat Ateca – An Unprecedented Engine:

The 2017 Seat Ateca will be provided with a range of engines options to suit the client’s specifications. The base engine offered will be a 1.0 L 3-cylinder turbo engine producing 115 horsepower equivalent to about 84 kW. The auto will also be offered with a more economical but powerful powertrain – a 1.4 L engine producing 150 horses (about 110 kW). This particular engine is installed with the latest deactivation technology to shoot down the fuel consumption and also cut-off CO2 discharge. A third option is also available – 1.6 L diesel engine which may also be offered as the main engine. This particular engine comes with 2.0 L engines producing 150 & 190 horsepower respectively. Furthermore, the standard powertrain will feature six-speed transmission whereas the optional engine features an automatic seven-speed dual clutch.

2017 Seat Ateca rear

2017 Seat Ateca – Possible Arrival Date and Price:

The Ateca SUV is highly anticipated to hit the dealership starting from December. Due to its improved features, it’s highly expected to command a price tag of $18,000.

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