2017 Skoda Snowman Review

The Czech automobile is in plans to launch a compact crossover soon. It’s at the Kvasiny facility that the production of the 2017 Skoda Snowman is ongoing. The success of the Yeti, Superb, and the Roomster has compelled this car company to produce another SUV. This model is to receive the remodeling design of its predecessors but at the same time incorporate the latest technology of features in its interior design.2017 Skoda Snowman front

2017 Skoda Snowman – Interior and Exterior

The front of this car will retain the trademark stylish grille of Skoda signature. Much space is available in the cab to provide comfortable adjustment of the seats. The appearance is expected to be muscular, featuring a lowered roof and prominent wheel arches. The rectangular headlights are pronounced and impressive.

It is expected that 2017 Skoda Snowman will be availed in two trims; a five passenger and a seven passenger SUV car. Based on the Volkswagen’s MBQ architecture, this auto will be availed in the all-wheel drive and the front wheel drive.

The 2017 Skoda Snowman model will feature technological features that were present in the VW Touareg. This feature includes an automatic climate control system, connectivity systems, rear cameras, 5-inch colored touch screen, heated seats, and an automatic parking sensor.

Safety features will include an 8-air bag. An automatic braking system and ABS braking also compliment the safety of those enjoying the ride.

LED lighting system decorated the dashboard and lit up the headlights.one can gain access to the cars functions from a distance using a remote. The remote system is improved and receptive in seconds. Connectivity and navigation are not left out. An ios and android system fill the connectivity gap while a GPS system that supports route tracking is fitted for navigation purposes. A pronounced audio system for entertainment is present.

The adjustable seats covered with leather give the driver as well as the passengers’ maximum comfort. The steering wheel is also covered with leather to match the leather interior upholstery.

2017 Skoda Snowman interior

2017 Skoda Snowman – Engine and Performance

The new Skoda Snowman will be availed in a variety of engine options from its manufacturer. This model will consist of a TSI petrol engine and a TDI diesel engine. The petrol engine will be availed in two versions. The petrol engine will be composed of; a 2.0-liter TSI engine with the ability to produce 180 horsepower and a 1.4-liter TSI engine that outputs a horsepower of 150. The diesel engine with a 2.0-liter TSI engine will produce a horsepower of 180.

This powerful engine of 2017 Skoda Snowman will increase the performance of the car and make it versatile under all terrains.

2017 Skoda Snowman rear view

2017 Skoda Snowman – Release Date and Price

The automaker has not yet dictated the price for this SUV because it’s still under construction and other additional developments may be added. However, it is thought that the car will approximately sell at the range of $25,000 to $30,000 once it’s unveiled into the market. It’s expected that the Hyundai Santa Fe and the Kia Sorento will be the biggest rivals to this model once it’s released.

Sales analysts believe that 2017 Skoda Snowman will sell at an alarming rate due to the high demand of Skoda vehicles.

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