2017 Subaru Exiga New Design, Durable Engine

The Subaru is one of the companies that might have fallen into the background next to the new models of the popular global brands such as BMW, Honda, and Toyota. Nevertheless, people cannot say that the company has anything to offer. With its latest model named 2017 Subaru Exiga, it will try to find its place in the market full of SUV vehicles. This model will be the biggest crossover that company offers and will have three rows of seats that can accommodate up to seven passengers. Originated from the family car called Exiga Wagon, this crossover concept was first introduced in Japan in 2013. A few years later it is ready to enter the market and to win drivers who need an elegant and reliable vehicle. Even the model name indicates some of its features because it is derived from the words Excite and Action.

2017 Subaru Exiga front

2017 Subaru Exiga – New Design:

It must be admitted that the appearance of the 2017 Subaru Exiga will be somewhat unusual. Therefore, the impression is that it is not intended for the masses but rather individuals who recognize the vehicle as a reflection of its personality. Expect elegant front part that will offer a nice shaped grille and headlights that fit into the whole picture. On the lower part can be seen framed fog lights and attractive metal bumper. The entire structure will be made of lightweight materials to make crossover lighter. This will affect fuel consumption and vehicle speed. Certainly an interesting will be the panoramic roof and alloy wheels of 17 inches will make every trip safe. On the back is a short spoiler and decorative metal part at the bottom. All in all, this is a serious, elegant look that indicates a willingness to overcome all obstacles on the way.

The interior will be very spacious and will be able to accommodate up to seven people. The seats are covered with high-quality leather and rear seats will be slightly raised compared to the one on the front, reflecting theater style. On the rear seats will be located the folded table such as in a train or plane. The large LCD screen will have the dimension of 10.5 inches and will display the most important information about the vehicle. There will be possible connections thru Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB, the option for the seat heating, modern navigation and more. The possibility of lowering the rear seats creates a lot of space for luggage.

2017 Subaru Exiga interior

2017 Subaru Exiga –┬áDurable Engine:

The 2017 Subaru Exiga engine will be quite durable. It will consist of a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that will produce 173 hp. There will also be a somewhat weaker version that includes the 2.0-liter motor which is able to offer 165 hp. The new model will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just seven seconds.

2017 Subaru Exiga side

2017 Subaru Exiga – Release Date and Price:

For now, we know that new 2017 Subaru Exiga will be able on the Japanese market. Information for other worlds markets is unknown, but we assume that it will happen sometime in 2017. Price would probably be around $22 000.

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