2017 Subaru VIZIV Review

The future concept car, named 2017 Subaru VIZIV is the newest idea from Subaru Company and this model is presented at Tokyo Motor Show. The new model is very attractive vehicle based on the latest design language from Subaru. This means that the exterior will be very kind and simple while its cockpit will have an incredibly futuristic design. VIZIV concept is a two-door model and provides enormous satisfaction to all customers around the world. We can expect excellent engine capabilities as well as next-generation of technology features that will further increase the popularity of Subaru Company. In the following review, we will try to closer present you this remarkable and most likely future car.

2017 Subaru VIZIV front
2017 Subaru VIZIV – High Density and Strength:

The exterior design of the new 2017 Subaru VIZIV is phenomenal, and body of the vehicle is three-dimensional, which certainly improves the feeling of high density and strength. The hexagonal front grille of the newest concept vehicle from Subaru is well shaped, and in the middle, we can notice Subaru logo. Furthermore, the front bumper of this car is colossal, and here are placed nicely designed fog lights as well as vast air intakes. Mentioned bumper is painted in black color. The headlights of this futuristic vehicle will be hook-shaped and of course, the newest LED system will power it. At the back, the taillights are also equipped with the same system as the front lights. Also, the quad exhaust outlet recalls the current generation of WRX five-door. At the sides, we can notice very large five-spoke wheels of 20 inches. The entire exterior design of the upcoming model is very similar to the crossover field version of 2011’s Advanced Tourer but of course with a few new details. There are rumors that the doors of the new model could be well-known scissor doors.

Inside the cabin, the newest Subaru VIZIV concept will be elegantly designed, and everything inside will be perfectly fitted. The cabin is so futuristic that you will think you are in the 2050 year. The entire dashboard of the newest 2017 Subaru VIZIV will be like one big touchscreen, and it will be very easy to manage with it. The seats will provide a lot of high-quality features, and the leather will wrap it. The steering wheel is minuscule, and its shape is very similar to the F1 vehicles. The cabin of the forthcoming model is able to accommodate up to five passengers.

2017 Subaru VIZIV interior
2017 Subaru VIZIV – Powertrain Specifications:

The upcoming 2017 Subaru VIZIV concept will be powered by the next-generation of the hybrid system. The mixture with a downsized turbo engine enhances the fuel economy, while at the same time the flat, linear feel when accelerating brings driving pleasure. The powertrain consists of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine and three electric motors. One is located at the front together while the other two are located at the back.

2017 Subaru VIZIV rear
2017 Subaru VIZIV – Price and Release Date:

The new upcoming model will be released at Tokyo Motor Show later this year, while for the price we don’t have any official information. As soon as we get it, you will be informed.

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