2018 BMW X7 Release Date, SUV, Price

The Luxury car brand, BMW is reportedly set a release for their X7 model. The 2018 BMW X7 first generated rumors around 15 years ago, but since then, the car company had never provided enough information to keep the excitement alive. This SUV will find its place in the medium-to-large segment. Even though the information available today is still less than adequate, we can at least make few assumptions regarding what this Sports Luxury Vehicle might house inside of it. This rather large vehicle will be based on a new architecture that was recently announced by BMW and share some properties with X models.

2018 BMW X7 front view


The BMW has left us with high hopes because unlike competitive brands like Mercedes-Benz and Audi, they will actually take a step towards innovation and introduce eco-friendly cars that do the least amount of harm to the environment. Due to this, pricing has also become consideration worthy of BMW is trying their level best to optimize the price levels.

2018 BMW X7 – Outer Body Design and Interior Features:

The 2018 BMW X7 will sport some significant changes on its exterior that will increase this car’s style quotient. We expect to see the usual massive bumper in the front alongside kidney grille design. Bigger air intakes will lend some aggression, but will also make it look a slight bit peculiar. It will also have larger wheelbase, larger wheels that will either be 17 or 18 inches and overall aerodynamic body shape to aid in handling.

Light quality materials like carbon fiber are to be used extensively to bring down the car’s weight. Additionally, usage of high-strength steel and aluminum will further bring down its weight, thus aiding in fuel economy.

No news have been made available as of yet regarding how this car’s interior might be, but we do expect to know them sooner rather than later. By making an estimation we can say that BMW will leave no stone unturned to make 2018 BMW X7 possesses every property to make it a hit! Expect top of the line technological features like Bluetooth, USB, BOSE audio system, Satellite navigation, etc.

2018 BMW X7 – Expected Engine Details:

For the United States, BMW X7 2018 will be offered in V8 gasoline and inline six engine types. It will most likely be fitted with a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine generating an impressive 500 hp with ZF eight-speed automatic. BMW has never been the kind to compromise on power. Additional powertrain configurations that are expected to be on offer are a plug-in hybrid and straight-six diesel units.

There is also a chance of the X7 getting a six and eight cylinder engine configurations that run on petrol. This engine will be able to produce around 400 hp on an average.

2018 BMW X7 – Release Date, Price, and Rivals:

The 2018 BMW X7 will see it’s unveiling sometime in 2017 with expected price ranging from $75,000 and above. Its competitors are Lincoln Navigator, Audi Q7, and Infiniti QX80. Expect to see some serious fireworks once all these cars have hit the streets.

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