2018 Ford Edge Refreshed Design

After refreshments of the other models, the time has come for the popular Edge. Although fans expect big changes, it is increasingly evident that they will not come. However, small refreshments made a 2018 Ford Edge enough interesting to new customers. The changes will mainly relate to some of the details in the appearance, the engine, and fuel economy. Characterized as a mid-size SUV, this vehicle is perfect for smaller families. There will be a place for 5 persons, and safety will be at a high level. It is interesting that the engine sound of this vehicle will be very low and with its performance will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with competitors like the VW Tuareg and Nissan Murano.

2018 Ford Edge front

2018 Ford Edge – Refreshed Design:

Changes relating to the appearance of the 2018 Ford Edge will make sure it gets new features. It will look sportier and smoother. However, the dose of aggressiveness will remain. The combination of mild and sharp lines will form a dynamic silhouette, but also elegant. In addition to the front grille with striking wide lines, air intakes will look just as good. On the rear part stands out nicely shaped headlights, and it is interesting that the trunk opens on a simple motion sensor (with leg move). The materials of which the new model will be made will be light so mobility will be improved. Aluminum details will also refresh the entirety of its body.

Inside we can expect a fascinating amount of space. There is no concern that passengers will feel uncomfortable, even those with few pounds extra. Five seats in two rows will be upholstered in fine leather, as well as the steering wheel. There is a possibility that the idea which shows a majority of the touch buttons become reality, but it remains to be seen. The touch screen is inevitable in the modern vehicle like this, and here will provide a lot of useful programs. Some of the advanced features that 2018 Ford Edge will have a keyless entry, rear view camera, dual zone climate control and other.

2018 Ford Edge interior

2018 Ford Edge – Engine Info:

Under the hood of 2018 Ford Edge can expect a powerful engine. It will consist of a 2.0 liter inline 4 unit which will provide an output of 245 hp and 275 lb / ft. The next version guarantees 3.5 liter V6 engine power up to 280 hp and 250 lb / ft. The most powerful, sports version will have a 2.7-liter turbocharged engine that is able to produce even 315 hp. The transmission will be a 6-speed automatic while the drive is likely to be on all four wheels. Consumption is estimated at 18/26 mpg on average, depending on the type of engine.

2018 Ford Edge rear

2018 Ford Edge – Cheap or Expensive?

It is assumed that the price of the base model will be a little less than $ 30,000 while the more equipped models will reach the price of $ 47,000 (sports version). If this come true, the price will be similar as of competitors, which we mentioned at the beginning, Rise of this interesting family SUV on the market is expected in mid-2017.

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