2018 Mercedes GLE SUV, Price

The well-known company Mercedes Benz with no doubt is certainly one of the most popular brands. Each vehicle offers a great quality and attractiveness, so no wonder that sales are excellent, especially in Europe. Although there are already different SUV models within the company, Mercedes have decided to upgrade its very popular model and create 2018 Mercedes GLE. On the internet already circling images of the new camouflage model that were recorded in Europe, more precise in the German and which show us slightly different appearance than the current model have. Many will notice that the change of the model came very quickly considering that this model has been on the market just a few years, but it must be known that this is the most important SUV for Mercedes Benz. Investments in it direct means an investment in the image and well-being of a company.

2018 Mercedes GLE front

2018 Mercedes GLE – Design Looks Great:

The new images of the upcoming 2018 Mercedes GLE reveal some obvious changes. Most changes will be made at the front. The new grid will have smaller dimensions and shapes will change, it will be a longer and more narrow instead of the oval and wide. This grid reminded of the many models from BMW, although it is difficult to make such facts considering that almost the entire front part is under cover. Headlights that are seen revealing their very sharp form and indicate aggressive look. Even under the covers can be noticed sharp edges that will make the model interesting and attractive. Its total weight will be reduced because its current weight of about 4600 pounds proved to be unsuitable. This reduction in weight will affect its mobility, but also improve fuel consumption. When viewed from the side, it can be noticed that the top line gently slopes towards the rear. Back will point out interesting lights that will have decoratively shaped LED lamps. Judging by the form, it is clear that there will be a lot of changes at the rear, but at this point, it is difficult to say which exactly. Large wheels are a reminder that this model was also created for the off-road adventures.

It is clear that exterior will not leave anyone indifferent, but what is about the interior of the new 2018 Mercedes GLE? It will most likely resemble the one from S series which is a good move because precisely this interior is named as one of the best. Pictures from inside of this SUV are rare, but in those that can still be seen, it is showed a luxurious space with interesting solutions. Apart from fine leather in two shades of dark colors, which will cover almost the entire interior space, it is expected decorative aluminum details. It will be located on the steering wheel, front grille, around the transmission stick and on the pedals. The large touchscreen will provide the most modern infotainment features. There will be plenty of space, and lowering the rear seat you will get a lot of room for luggage.

2018 Mercedes GLE interior

2018 Mercedes GLE – Hybrid or Not:

It is clear that the latest 2018 Mercedes GLE must have a powerful engine that will be able to follow its strong construction. At the moment, an offer of two versions is discussed. The first is a 3.5-liter V6 engine that can produce 302 hp and 273 lb / ft. The second is a plug-in that will consist of a 3.0-liter engine which with an electric motor combination can produce up to 436 hp and 479 lb / ft. Hybrid engines will be available in Europe, China, and North America.

2018 Mercedes GLE rear

2018 Mercedes GLE – Price and Release Date:

It is estimated that the price of the new 2018 Mercedes GLE will range between $50,000 to $65,000 depending on the choice of equipment and engines. It’s full disclosure we can expect at the end of 2017 and after that will go on sale. The competition which new 2018 Mercedes GLE┬ámust face is BMW X5, Infiniti QX70, and others.

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