2018 VW Tiguan USA, Release Date

When you look at the new 2018 VW Tiguan, it is clear that this is a big, strong and powerful vehicle. Dimensions will be even bigger than in current model and platform will be the same as the Golf. Many details show that the Tiguan progressed. Motor and features will be enriched by new items. This German popular SUV except elegance contains sportiness and therefore is intended for the families, but also adventurers who simply need more space. As a negative side of this vehicle could be listed the price that maybe a little higher than that of some rivals. However, we believe that the quality will be in the first place when it comes to purchasing of this SUV.

 2018 VW Tiguan front

2018 VW Tiguan – Attractive Look:

There is a major change in terms of appearance 2018 VW Tiguan regarding the dimensions. There will be two versions, depending on the market for which is intended. The first version will be regular and second elongated. The elongated version has a body 110 mm longer than ordinary leading up to the larger rear door. The front of this model seems a lot more robust, just like other VW models. Modern headlights look very nice, and between them are a trademark of the company. The great bumper will protect the front elements such as fog lights. The last part is characterized by a large glass that provides good visibility and brightness.

The cabin will be very spacious and will offer a very good view on the road from the front seats. Cargo area will also be increased. There is a possibility that there will be three rows of seats, but so far this has not been confirmed. In any case, the seats will be of the finest leather which feels great and will be adjustable to the most comfortable position. A lot of attractiveness, but also the brightness will be able through the panoramic roof. The touch screen will provide all the necessary functions. The standard equipment includes audio system, navigation, USB input, heaters for the front seats and more. In the more expensive, better-equipped versions can be found xenon headlights, the larger screen of 6.3 inches, dual zone air conditioning and more.

 2018 VW Tiguan interior

2018 VW Tiguan – Under the Hood:

Below is the part that is probably the most intriguing for the fans – what will be the motor of the new 2018 VW Tiguan? It is a 2.0-liter inline 4 turbocharged unit that produces 200 hp and 207 lb / ft. As with many VW models, here will be in use an automatic transmission with 6 speeds. The drive will be standard on the front wheels, and optional on all four. Consumption will on average exceed 21/26 mpg (it depends on of FWD/AWD choice).

 2018 VW Tiguan rear

2018 VW Tiguan – Date of Arrival and Price:

There is still no word when we can expect 2018 VW Tiguan on sale. What is certain is that it will be on the market in Europe and the USA. The price will range from around $ 26,000 for the base model to $ 37,000 for upgraded versions. If you prefer a spacious SUV, which easily overcomes all obstacles, and looks elegant, this model is for you. The main rivals to this exciting SUV will certainly be Toyota Rav4 and Honda CRV.

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