Audi Q4 2017 Spy Photos, Expectations

The Audi Q4 2017, which many regard it as one of the newest weapons to win in Europe finally comes to the forefront in the form of a concept. The fans waited eagerly for any updates ever since news released that 17’ Q4 would be a possible actuality. And since some prominent details have leaked out, discussion of this stellar model has become one of the hottest topics for Audi Aficionados. Before this, the Audi had made a declaration about its other new models namely the Q6 and Q8, the former making use of an electric powertrain and the latter being a premium trim. There was also news that both these models will hit dealerships with similar starting prices.

Audi Q4 2017 front

Audi Q4 2017 – Interior Features:

For the interior, its automakers are believed to work with Volkswagen for the construction of the next-gen MQB design. Its interior might come with a 9.2-inch touchscreen for navigation and infotainment display.

The quality leather upholstery, optimal connectivity package, LED interior lighting system, Audi music interface and Bose speakers with 14 top-rated speakers is expected, like its previous Q series of lineups on this Audi Q4 2017.

Exterior Specifications:

The outer body is on the new model Audi Q4 2017 is very classy. It will come with a hexagonal shaped grille which indicates that it might retain its signature style. The daytime running lights happen to be integrated into the top-most section on the headlights. Its wheel arches could come with sporty plastic paddings. All 4 wheel arches protrude from the body which indicates a muscular peripheral.

Its frontal bumpers could come with stylistic chrome treatment as part of Audi’s model signature styling. New tailgates and a curved roofline could also be seen.

Comparatively to the Q2, the Q3 will have a larger dimension and as speculations hold, the 2017 Audi Q4 will hold a larger dimension as compared to the Q3. Specific measurements indicate the 17’ Q4 to be around 4500mm in its size and comparison it is about 110mm longer than the Q3.

Possible Powertrains:

The epitomic automakers have tried to keep the crux of the 17’ Q4 powerful. With what tipsters speculate, there could be 2 motors namely one gasoline and the other a diesel motor. Similar to its previous line-ups both these new generation powertrains will have 4 cylinders!

The 1st engine variant on the Audi Q4 2017 will be probably a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine which will have the ability to produce around 402 HP of power output. But there are some speculations of an updated version of this very engine. They include 2.5 liters 5 cylinder power-packed engine.

EPA ratings on an average are believed to stay close to 26 mpg in the city and 30 mpg in freeways.

Audi Q4 2017 – Launch, Price, and Competition:

The Audi Q4 2017 is still in its early days. But tipsters speculate this model to hit dealerships by the end of 17’ or starting of 18’. The possible price could be around $49,000 as starting with higher trims costing more than $50,000. Its competition could come from Mercedes-Benz GLC and BMW X4.

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