BMW i5 SUV The New Upcoming Rival to Tesla Model X

This year, BMW Company celebrate the anniversary, and they announced that the newest and future BMW i5 SUV will be released in upcoming years. Unfortunately, they not reveal so much information but according to numerous rumors, we will try to review this model for you. We know that this model will hit the market with very attractive appearance, and that will offer a range extender option. The new i5 SUV will certainly provide best possible consumers satisfaction through gathering more or less all customers’ needs. All-electric BMW i5 SUV will also offer very comfortable and spacious cabin, and this all-electric vehicle will be the right option for families. There are some pictures of how the newest i5 will look like and although there is no confirmation from BMW about these pictures, according to them we take the first look at its exterior and interior design.

BMW i5 SUV front
BMW i5 SUV – A lot of New Features:

The appearance of the upcoming model is very nice and so futuristic. The chassis of this model will be very modern, and it will be made of lightweight materials. At the first glance, the exterior design of this model is very similar to the BMW X 5 models, but it will be more modern of course. The front grille will be recognizable grille from BMW, but this time, vertical bars will be excluded. The headlights of the newest BMW SUV will be fused with the mentioned grille, and it will be very slender. The next generation of LED technology will power both, headlights and taillights. Just below the headlights, we can notice minuscule fog lights, but although they are so small, the power of these fog lights will be so strong. Nicely designed air intakes will be integrated into the front bumper, and it will be very useful for improving the performance of the vehicle. According to pictures, we can expect glass roof and rear side of the vehicle while at the sides we notice colossal alloy wheels, probably 20 or 21 inches.

The interior design of the newest BMW i5 SUV will provide a large number of high-tech features and very spacious cabin. Although there are no pictures of interior design, we assume that the cabin will be able to accommodate up to five passengers. The seats will be covered with the premium leather, and it will be very well shaped. We expect also a large touchscreen display with the latest infotainment system. The security on this electric vehicle will be on the top level thanks to the numerous safety features. Every safety feature that we can find in the BMW X models will also be installed in the new BMW i5 SUV, and the same case is with the other interior features.

BMW i5 SUV interior
BMW i5 SUV – Engine Specifications:

Information about the engines are not yet available, but everyone assume that this model will be powered by an all-electric power motor that will be capable of providing a range more than 200 miles. Unfortunately, this is the only thing that is known, but as soon as the BMW announce some additional information, we will update our review.

BMW i5 SUV rear
BMW i5 SUV – Price and Expected Release Date:

The release date of the BMW i5 SUV should be sometime in 2018 or 2019. It is sure that this vehicle will be excellent, and a well-selling vehicle. The information about price is not yet announced.

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