BMW X3 2017 Redesign

BMW X3 2017 will be one of the top hybrid vehicles in the market mainly because of its outstanding features. One of the primary attractions on this vehicle is having a better fuel efficiency than some other similar vehicles. The engine of this vehicle shall also be powerful where it shall enable the vehicle tackle different terrains effectively. The interior and exterior design of this upcoming vehicle will be made using the latest technology to enhance elegance and comfort.

BMW X3 2017 front look

BMW X3 2017 – Exterior and Interior Design

The design of this BMW X3 2017 is expected to mainly be concentrated in making the vehicle ideal for the modern market and to be more appealing especially to the young buyers. One of the outstanding exterior features of this vehicle shall be a huge percent of the body being made using strong but light materials such as high performing steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. This reduction in weight will result to the vehicle getting a better fuel efficiency and being able to move faster. The speed of this vehicle shall be further enhanced by the vehicle having a slanting design that shall play a major role in reducing drag. It is also anticipated that the vehicle will get a redesigned kidney grill that will make it look more elegant. The bumper of this vehicle will be widened by a few inches to give the vehicle a moreĀ powerful look. This bumper will also house the powerful in built fog lights that will be used to reduce the effects of reflective lights while driving in rainy or foggy conditions. The BMW X3 2017 shall be using automatic rain sensing wipers that will be able to clear the windscreen effectively without the driver having to switch them on. The back side of this vehicle shall also undergo some improvements including the unique L shaped tail lights being made more visible. This vehicle will also get a modern dual pipe exhaust system that will make it look more elegant. Furthermore, driving dynamics will be improved by the large wheels which will be working with the improved suspensions.

On the interior the BMW X3 2017 shall be endowed with a four zone climate control system that will be useful in regulating the temperatures. There will also be an updated infotainment system that shall be providing quality entertainment. Safety will be enhanced through inclusion of features such as strong seat belts and airbags. Users of this vehicle shall also be able to enjoy a number of connection options including Wi-Fi, satellite navigation, USB ports, smart phone connectivity and wireless Bluetooth which will give the driver freedom to use a hands free phone. The interior will be spacious where there will be enough passengers and luggage room. The seats of this vehicle will be covered with leather to make them more comfortable.

BMW X3 2017 interior

BMW X3 2017 – Engine and Performance

BMW X3 2017 shall have a number of options when it comes to engine including an updated hybrid engine. The main engine shall be a four cylinder turbocharged engine that will be delivering 400 pound feet of torque and 260 HP. This engine will be working together with an electrical motor that will be generating 90 HP and when combined with the engine the total output shall be 330 HP. The motor used on this vehicle will have a thirty mile range and will have a fuel efficiency of 62 mpg when combined with the fuel engine.

BMW X3 2017 rear

BMW X3 2017 – Price and Release Date

This BMW X3 2017 is anticipated to be available in the market during the first quarter of 2017 and its base price will be about $ 40, 000.

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