BMW X6 2017 Specs, Expectations

The BMW X6 2017 shall be a high-end crossover that will be endowed with diverse state of the art features. This vehicle is expected to be an improved version of the previous BMW X6 which was first released in 2008. Consequently, diverse changes shall be made on this new vehicle to make it more suitable for the modern competitive market. This means that the vehicle shall be more efficient, powerful, comfortable and attractive compared with the previous model.

BMW X6 2017 front view

BMW X6 2017 – Exterior and Interior Design

Most of the exterior features of this BMW X6 2017 are expected to be copied directly from the BMW X5. But this vehicle will also get its own new features that will make it stand out. It is expected that the net weight of this vehicle shall be reduced by about 50 pounds since this upcoming vehicle will be made using light but strong material. The reduction in weight shall enable the vehicle to be able to move faster and also be to use lesser fuel consequently improving fuel economy. This vehicle shall have a length of 4.91 meters which is an improved length compared to the previous model. The increase in length this meant to increase space in the interior, therefore, making this vehicle more spacious. Furthermore, the width of this vehicle shall be improved and the height slightly reduced with an intention of making it more stable. This BMW X6 2017 shall be using 18 inch or 21 inch M light alloy wheels which will provide it with a more attractive look and will work together with the improved suspensions to give the vehicle better driving dynamics. On the front area, there shall be an improved grille and bumper which will provide the vehicle with a more exotic look. Furthermore, this vehicle shall be endowed with modern LED heat lamps and tail lights that besides making it sleeker will also be consuming minimum energy. The vehicle shall be available in a variety of colors to provide buyers with more options.

Inside the BMW X6 2017, there shall be diverse features that shall be using the latest engineering to provide optimum comfort and also allow users enjoy convenience driving. Some of the interior features expected in this vehicle include a modern infotainment system that shall be controlled exclusively from the LCD screen on the dash board. This vehicle will also get a dual zone climate control system that will be used to regulate temperatures inside the vehicle. The cabin of the vehicle shall undergo a number of improvements including the number of buttons being reduced so as to make this cabin more interactive and fuser friendly. All the seats inside this vehicle shall be covered with leather and will be positioned in a way that buyers will get ample space.

BMW X6 2017 interior

BMW X6 2017 – Engine and Performance

The BMW X6 2017 will come with three engine options with all the engines using eight-speed automated transmission. The main engine for this vehicle will be a 3.0-liter twin turbo six-cylinder diesel motor that shall be delivering 600-pound feet of torque and 380 HP. The electric motor that will be used by this vehicle shall be getting its power from a lithium-ion electric battery. This vehicle shall be available in all wheel drive system and shall have a high fuel efficiency to give users an opportunity to save more on fuel.

BMW X6 2017 rear view

BMW X6 2017 – Price and Release Date

The BMW X6 2017 is anticipated to be available in the market during the summer of 2016 and its base price shall be about $ 61, 000.

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