Borgward BX7 SUV Revealed

After about fifty years of complete silence, the Borgward Company has finally managed to pick up the pace and continue with production of models. This company is set to release a model by the name Borgward BX7 SUV. For an immediate pick off in the market, the company will install many features that will be appealing to customers. The initial launch is going to happen in the Chinese market but later the model might be rolled out in the European market. It’s expected that Borgward BX7 SUV will face competition from models like Audi Q5 and BMW X3.

Borgward BX7 SUV front view

Borgward BX7 SUV – Redesign and Changes

The Borgward BX7 SUV will have some similarities with some of the models that you will find in the car market today. The model will feature sharper and more outlined lines that run from the front to the rear side. The large bar grille design will be identical to the Buicks design. Slopping and a rear boot mounted spoiler will be expected to be noted in this model. Body cladding has been featured on the lower edges. The rhombus designed logo will be embedded at the center of the grille.

Several sporty features will be noticed on this impeccable model; these will include an aggressive design on the front bumper, revitalized fog lamps coverings and a pair of wide windpipe. The engine hood has a deep crease that seems to be leaning towards the edges. Large air intakes will be enhanced via a wide front bumper and other extra features like air breathers. A Borgward BX7 SUV will feature a larger wheelbase with an increase in wheel sizes. The seats will be leather-covered while the contrast stitching will be used as an improvement.

An aluminum trim has been incorporated into the interior design to make the model look fashionable. The 12.3-inch display will be able to host the infotainment system and will provide compatibility for both android and apple devices. A Wi-Fi hot spot feature will enable the users to get access to the internet. The steering wheel that will be flat-bottomed will have some extra features. The model will be able to carry about five to seven passengers depending on the number of seats to be provided. Airbags included will be featured on the side curtains and above the headrest for improved safety. A third-row seating arrangement for kids has been included. A touring sports version of this model will also be offered since customers’ tastes, and preferences could be different.

Borgward BX7 SUV interior

Borgward BX7 SUV – Engine and Performance

The Borgward BX7 SUV will feature a four-cylinder turbocharged engine that will have a fuel displacement of about 2.0 liters. The engine has a power output of 224 horsepower and torque produced will also amount to about 221 pounds. You will expect two types of transmission systems to be considered in the models engine; either a seven-speed double clutch or a six-speed automatic transmission. A hybrid model might be featured providing a total power of 296 hp via the combination of the engine and the lithium-ion battery. A diesel version might not be included an option. An all-wheel drive platform will be available in Borgward BX7 SUV. In a time span of about ten seconds, the model will be able to sprint from zero to 62 mph. The top speed will be about 124 mph.

Borgward BX7 SUV rear view

Borgward BX7 SUV – Release Date and Estimated Price

Information about the pricing options is limited, but it’s expected that the Borgward BX7 SUV prices will begin from about $36,500. The model will be dispatched in the market in the early quarter of 2017.

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