GMC Envoy Concept

For over a decade, the GMC Envoy has been a very desirable and attractive SUV. Since its 1998 first generation, the SUV has only been upgraded once in 2002. Since then, we have not seen any redesigning to this executive envoy. However, the GMC Company will finally introduce a new generation of this SUV: the new version of Envoy. It is anticipated that this upgrade will have incredibly improved features that are more relevant to the current market’s needs. The SUVs new features will help the model to overcome the challenges that made its forerunners less desirable in the market. If you are looking for an SUV with a modern touch, this is definitely your SUV.

GMC Envoy front

GMC Envoy – Innovations in Storage and Safety Features:

The GMC Envoy exterior is will present the market with great elegance; just the luxurious touch for its targeted niche. This new model will combine the exterior look of its predecessors with a fine touch of silkier edges and lines. The presentation will offer the market a variation of metallic insignia’s and additional chrome grille and a redesigned bumper to give it a new feeling of elegance! The SUV will also have a redesign of the wheels to include alloy for more stable grounding. The car will be adorned with new LED Lights, an addition that lacks in the forerunners.  The overall redesign will take consideration of lighter and more advanced materials. This new lighter design will help the Envoy with more fuel efficiency and higher performances than its previous models. The new model will be designed for all weather conditions and terrains! It will be more powerful and more versatile when compared to its earlier versions.

Strikingly Beautiful Interior:

The GMC Envoy will have an optimized interior to accommodate more passengers. With an increased cabin volume, the SUV will be able to carry comfortably seven passengers and their gear. The interior is also luxuriously groomed with premium quality leather upholstery, and will be finely tuned with a lightweight plastic, aluminum, and wooden element. The leather fabric can be heated and adjusted in different ways to bring in the superior comfort to the interior. Additionally, the passenger comfort will be enhanced by reduced external noise facilitated by the use of sound proof materials.
Other internal features such as air-con, navigation system, and Bluetooth connectivity, etc., will also be modernized with a new touchscreen display and an improve infotainment system! Also, the Envoy will have new and improved safety details that will include cruise control, air con, full power accessorizes, satellite navigation system, and airbags, among other improvements.

GMC Envoy interior

GMC Envoy – Under the Hood:

The GMC Envoy SUV will use a powerful 5.3 L V8 super-power engine with a potential output of 302 hp. For this reason, the SUV will be better in fuel efficiency compared to its predecessors and will be consuming 25 mpg in total.  This is the only information that we have about engine and performance.

GMC Envoy rear

GMC Envoy – Rumors Date and Price:

Since the initial release date projects did not happen, we may have to wait up to June this year (2016) for the GMC Envoy release. By the expected release date, the SUV cost will range from $25, 000-$33, 000 depending on the model of your choice.

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