Honda Avancier SUV Price, Release Date

There are no faults with the Honda vehicles, you will almost always get durability and an attractive appearance from this well-known Japanese company. All this will be demonstrated in the latest vehicle called Honda Avancier SUV. It is true that Honda already has great SUV models like the popular CR-V, but it is certainly positive that they want to provide innovation and improvement. Due to the increasing offer of SUVs, constant Innovations have become imperative for companies that want to maintain market competitiveness. It is expected that the new model will be even more popular than the aforementioned best-selling CR-V. Although Japan has already launched in 2015 model with the same name, one should know that this is not the same. Closer features can be found below.

Honda Avancier SUV front view

Honda Avancier SUV – Striking Appearance:

When you look at the shape and dimensions of the Honda Avancier SUV, you can notice that it looks more like a crossover than the classic SUV. This is because of the shape which makes it look like a coupe. Here is noted the similarity with the famous BMW X6, although many argue that it is absurd to compare these two brands. The similarity exists with the CR-V model, especially when it comes to the front part and modern LED headlights and grille. The striking metallic line which carries a Honda sign looks very impressive. At the bottom of the front, there are air vents and fog lights which also feature LED technology. On the sides, we have a chance to see decorative metal lines at the bottom, like the one on the front and rear. Slightly decreasing line of the roof leads to the back part where the biggest impressions are modern lights, a small spoiler and two large exhaust pipes.

When we talk about the interior of the Honda Avancier SUV, we talk about luxury and spaciousness. It may be difficult to find a person who stays indifferent with the interior design of this SUV. High-quality premium leather will be located on the door and of course the seats, and metal parts will provide refreshment and contrast to black color that will prevail. The seats will have the option of heating and ventilation. Certainly, the most striking thing is the large screen located in the central part of the vehicle. Its main function will be in touch, but it will also have a few buttons on the left side. Lowering the rear seat, the driver gets a great space for storing suitcases and other luggage. The vehicle will contain assistance when parking, panoramic roof and a lot more.

Honda Avancier SUV interior

Honda Avancier SUV – Let’s see the Heart:

The motor which is expected in the new Honda Avancier SUV is a 2.0-liter turbo sport four-cylinder unit. It is also considering the possibility of the 2.4-liter engine that would be used in a hybrid version. The transmission will have nine-speed will be automatic. It will be located on the steering wheel for practical use. Great attention will be paid to the safety of drivers and passengers. Therefore, we can expect the cruise control, lane assistant and a lot of sensors.

Honda Avancier SUV rear view

Honda Avancier SUV – Expected Launch and Price:

The Honda Avancier SUV is intended primarily for the market of India where will appear at the end of 2016. For the rest of the world markets, we still waiting for information. The price is yet unknown.

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