Honda D Concept Price, Engine Expectations

The Honda Company has a big idea for future. Besides the very good plan to bring the Civic model to the U.S this year, the Honda also plans to improve its arrangement in other important markets around the world. Besides in the United States, the upcoming crossover Honda D Concept will be released for China market as well, and this is excellent move from Honda considering that the China market was one of the world’s major automotive markets in 2015. This model will be larger than CR-V, but also significantly smaller than Pilot model. We don’t have so many details about this vehicle, but we know that the new D concept will provide very spacious cabin, high-quality driving, and good engines.

Honda D Concept front
Honda D Concept – Stylish Exterior Design:

The exterior design of the upcoming Honda D Concept is pretty nice. At the first sight, the appearance of this model is very similar to the HR-V, especially the front band. The front grille of the new concept vehicle from Honda will be very attractive, and it will be fused with the headlights. The LED system powers the lights of this model, and the lights will run around the entire fascia, incorporating the grille, part of the apron and the license plate. The large air intakes will be integrated into the front bumper, and it will be very useful in engine cooling and also in improving the performance of the engine. Large wing atop the tailgate, floating roof design as well as sharply raked back window will give the vehicle sportier appearance. This model is painted in elegant gold color. At the sides, we can notice enormous alloy wheels 19 inches. Someone say “This model looks like the kind of the car Robocop would drive on his patrol route”, and we can just agree with this statement.

Unfortunately, Honda didn’t release photos of the cabin; however, we know something about it. It is certain, and also Honda confirmed that the cabin will be very spacious and that will provide top comfort to the passengers. The cabin will be able to accommodate up to 5 passengers and to provide them high tech features. There are also rumors that the CR-V interior could inspire the interior design of the newest model but equipped with the unique styling cues.

Honda D Concept side
Honda D Concept – Engine Expectations and Performance:

Although it is not yet confirmed, we assume that this model will borrow drivetrain from the CR-V. This means that the upcoming Honda D Concept will be powered by a 2.4 liter four cylinders’ engine with the capability of producing 185 hp at 6400 rpm and also torque of 181 ft-lbs. at 3900 rpm. Another possibility is to borrow the engine from the HR-V, and that would be 1.8-liter, four-cylinder, but this is unlikely. The newest Honda D Concept will focus on fuel economy while the performances will be less important. In the CR-V model fuel economy with this engine is rated at 26/33 mpg in the city/highway but this model will probably provide even better consumption. The top speed is set at 125 mph.

Honda D Concept rear
Honda D Concept – Predicted Price and Release Date:

The starting price for this model in China markets will be around $21.000, and this is the phenomenal price for this class of vehicle. The new model will be available in the end of 2016.

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