Infiniti QX50 2017 Review

Maker of the Infiniti QX50 2017 have taken serious steps to ensure that it fits perfectly in the modern market. These steps include using the latest technology while making the various features of the vehicle. Since this vehicle is the last one to be released in this model, it is anticipated to have special attributes. The appearance of this vehicle has been refreshed significantly where the vehicle is anticipated to attract more buyers. Improvements have also been done on the interior to ensure there are modern comfortable and luxurious features to make the vehicle more elegant and appealing. Furthermore, this vehicle has been endowed with an efficient engine that has better fuel economy and improved power which makes the vehicle deal to compete with other vehicles on the same level.

Infiniti QX50 2017 front view

Infiniti QX50 2017 – Exterior and Interior

One of the attributes that will for sure make the Infiniti QX50 2017 more popular is its flashy and sharp appearance. The exterior comes with the same grille as other vehicles from this auto maker but which have a unique element of sharpness. The bumper is also anticipated to be wider for most buyers in the current market prefer bolder looking vehicles. The modern LED headlights on this vehicle are responsible of making the appearance sharper and also help in improving visibility especially while driving at night. This modern crossover comes with sharper fog lights and turning lights on the side mirror caps. There are two spoilers on the roof and a back spoiler which makes the vehicle look sleeker. On the back there are more visible tail lights which have been made wider and a new exhaust system. Users of theĀ Infiniti QX50 2017 have the benefit of better driving dynamics since the vehicle uses attractive nineteen inch alloy wheels and has a newly improved suspension system. The vehicle has a total of four automatically opened doors and is available in a variety of colors.

One of the most significant interior features of the Infiniti QX50 2017 is more space on the rear seats where the occupants can spread their legs better. The front seats have been raised with a primary objective of making the driver more comfortable. All the seats on this vehicle are covered with premium materials which provide more comfort. On the interior there is an outstanding grey trim that makes this interior more relaxing. The vehicle comes with a new entertainment system with new stereo speakers and an improved radio service. The interior temperatures are regulated automatically through the modern zonal climate regulating system. Majority of the interior features will be controlled on the dashboard through the large LCD touch screen. This cabin is anticipated to be more interactive and user-friendly than on the previous models. The steering wheel come covered with leather and is more sensitive to give the driver better control. Users of Infiniti QX50 2017 can also anticipate to get various safety options including air bags and seat belts for everyone inside.

Infiniti QX50 2017 interior

Infiniti QX50 2017 – Engine and Performance

The standard engine expected under the hood of this upcoming modern vehicle is a 3.7 liter V6 unit with ability to generate an optimum power of 325 HP and 270 lb-ft of torque. This engine is available in both front and all wheels drives and is coupled with a seven speed automatic transmission. The fuel efficiency anticipated for the engine is about 18 mpg when compared and the acceleration of the engine will give it ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in four and a half seconds.

Infiniti QX50 2017 side view

Infiniti QX50 2017 – Release Date and Price

The release date of this new Infiniti QX50 2017 is anticipated to be on the beginning of 2017 and the price is expected to be about $ 35, 000.

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