Jaguar E-Pace Review, Powerful Engine and Gearbox

The Jaguar could be cooking something new! According to some leaked images from spy photographers, a sports utility vehicle has been spotted undergoing cold test in the Arctic Circle. To clear the doubts, the prototype had a jaguar badge although it was wearing Range Rover Evoque’s body. The front fascia is much of her sister E-pace inspired. Development of Jaguar E-pace could indicate jaguar commitment to deepen its roots in SUV market share. More surprisingly, the revelation comes even before already known F-pace gets into the market. Jaguar E-pace will be based on D8 platform since it is cheaper compared to iQ platform used in other models. Though much information about this crossover is not available, speculations are it may be available in market in the year 2018. Rumors are that this crossover will be electric-powered rivaling Tesla X. If so, it will be the first electric Jaguar car.

Jaguar E-Pace Front

Jaguar E-Pace – Interior Features:

Jaguar E-pace is expected to accommodate 5 passengers, the interior will be made from high-quality materials which will create a feel of luxury. Seats will be made of leather upholstery, shaped in a way that they will enhance comfort and full body support. In addition, seats might be adjustable and be equipped with heating and cooling mechanism. In the dashboard vehicle may feature a large touch screen display, which will be used to operate infotainment system. Navigation9 might also be available in the cabin. To regulate the prevailing conditions inside, climate control system will feature in without forgetting connectivity will be enabled through USB ports. Other features that might be included in the cabin includes; Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS), jaguar inControl Infotainment Touch Pro system 1 and internet connection through Wi-Fi hotspot and Ethernet.

Exterior Design:

Jaguar E-pace will employ strong light materials for construction; some of the materials include light steel, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Front fascia will include LED lamps with j signature, gaping grille and large air intake slot. Body will be a bit curvy in order to enhance beautiful physical appearance. The rooftop will slope in the rear side to allow the vehicle to be more streamlined. Windscreen will appear steep and raked. Exterior will also feature active and passive aerodynamics. On the other hand, rear part will be wider to accommodate long wheelbase. It will also appear tapered. Dimensionally, Jaguar SUV will be shorter in size to increase sports handling and efficiency. According to the tipped information, the construction will focus on increasing efficiency as it the vehicle will have a drag coefficient of 0.28. This is ideal for such crossover.

Jaguar F-Pace interior

Jaguar E-Pace – Powerful Engine and Gearbox:

Through rumors, it is believed that jaguar is intending to release E-pace as fully electric-powered vehicle. It will come equipped with a battery and electric motors that will be able to power it to a range of 186 miles. Motors will be connected to achieve an all wheel drive. On the other hand, there are speculations that it could use new inline 3.0 turbocharged engines that will be developed in 2017. These engines will come with options of gasoline or diesel. Power output will be 300,400, and 500 hp for gasoline and 275, 335 and 400 hp for diesel. The most likely transmission system to be employed will be ZF 8HP70 8-speed automatic.

Jaguar F-Pace rear

Jaguar E-pace – The Reveal and Price:

There is no much information known about Jaguar E-pace but according to the speculation, it may be availed to the market in 2018. Basing price on the F-pace, E-pace might cost about $35,000.

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