Kia Trail’ster Price, Engine Performance

The Kia Company is on its way to interested drivers with their latest intriguing model named Kia Trail’ster. This small crossover is shown on the auto show in Chicago in 2015 as a vehicle that is ready for all the daily challenges. An Active life is what move this vehicle. Inspired by nature and wildlife, new Kia is primarily intended for off-road adventures. It is suitable for mountain driving and different surfaces, such as mud, grass, snow and more. However, there are no problems in driving on the city streets too, and the main advantage is easy maneuvering and high mobility. It is believed that this crossover with its futuristic looks and the great motor will win the hearts of many drivers who want an exciting and a little different vehicle.

Kia Trail'ster front

Kia Trail’ster – Exterior and Interior:

It must be noticed that the appearance of new Kia Trail’ster is really unusual but in a good way. Ready to conquer the future, this crossover stands out with its clean elegant lines and irresistible accent touches. Inspired by the natural phenomenon such as mud and snow, and its neutral color further highlights the beauty of the design. In order to make the contrast, the wheels are made in a bright red color which shows the spirit of sport. The interesting thing is the roof that retracts so that passengers can enjoy the outdoors and beautiful view. The front end is fascinating with beautifully shaped LED headlamps and prominent large fog lamps. There are details of aluminum, which complete this fascinating look. Not surprisingly, this concept is rated as one of the best in recent years.

Interior must follow the quality of the exterior appearance. Therefore, the new Kia Trail’ster have a durable and seductive material mixed with the modern sports look. There will be a premium leather which is for this occasion was done in brown color and details of aluminum. Yet, the biggest impression certainly leaves a central console with many useful features such as the most modern navigation and advanced audio system. Attention is drawn to the transmission with a bit unusual design with an aluminum head. A variety of controls on the steering wheel allows the driver to quickly and easily manage the vehicle.

Kia Trailster interior

Kia Trail’ster – Engine Performance:

The new Kia Trail’ster Engine will be strong enough to keep the vehicle ready for all conditions on different terrains. There will be a 1.6-liter engine which will use a six-speed gearbox sending power from 185 hp to the front wheels. In addition, there will be an electric motor with a strength of 27 kW or 35 hp, which is powered by a battery strength 1.2 kWh. This system can make the total production of 220 hp and 285 lb / ft. Kia with this last model will try to improve fuel economy so we can expect that will be 30/34 mpg.

Kia Trailster side

Kia Trail’ster – Price and Release Date:

Although the new Kia Trail’ster is for now referred as a concept, it can easily happen that model becomes a reality. We all know that crossover is the segment that is growing from year to year, and Kia needs a good model that will be able to compete with increasing competition. It is believed that the price could be about $ 30 000, but it is necessary to wait for confirmation from the company about the start of production.

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