Lotus SUV Concept

The Lotus is currently developing a compact SUV that is aimed to meet the enthusiastic customers’ needs for a high-performance car. Lotus SUV concept will have an emphasis on performance by making it the fastest and lightest in its segment. The best SUVs with luxurious cabins are from German automakers, and one of them is Lotus so we should expect that the Lotus SUV offer the best comfort to its customers. This upcoming model will be built with the modern technology and extra engineering that will meet the modern vehicle regulations. It will feature excellent handling capabilities and a stunning design which will satisfy the customers’ craving for an aggressive vehicle and also improve its competition in the market.

Lotus SUV Concept front

Lotus SUV Concept – What to Expect?

The new model will be based on lightweight construction weighing about 440 pounds.. It will also be efficient and stylish. The edges of this upcoming SUV will be hard. It will also feature soft, appealing lines on the exterior which will be attractive to the customers. To make its exterior aggressive, the car is expected to feature many features that will make it trendy.

Lotus SUV concept interior will also be made with modern technology to make its passengers comfortable. This upcoming model will have a cabin that will be able to accommodate five passengers. The interior will mostly focus on the front passengers and the driver, but the car’s two- box design will provide a plenty room for rear passengers and a cargo area. The cabin of this SUV is said to be based on Aston Martin to make it enticing to customers. The car is expected to attract more women customers with its versatility and utility. The other standard features are expected to be similar to those of Porsche Cayenne or other German car models.

Lotus SUV Concept interior

Lotus SUV Concept – An Unprecedented Engine:

The new Lotus concept model is expected to be developed with a strong and efficient drivetrain. Lotus is expected to use one or both of the Toyota-sourced synthetic combined with another. These engines will include a 1.6 liter four- cylinder petrol engine or a 3.5 liter V6 engine. They will either be available with or without superchargers. Lotus aims to present an efficient engine in this upcoming model and to attain this, they wish to make the model with a lighter weight compared to that of the present mannequin. This will provide a higher power to weight ratio. It is expected to include a diesel engine and hybrid choices for four-wheel drive setup. This setup uses the engine to provide power to the front wheels and a motor to drive the rear wheels.

Acceleration from 0- 60 mph will take five seconds, and its top speed is expected to be 155 mph.

Lotus SUV Concept – Disbursement Dates and Cost:

Lotus SUV concept is expected to be released to the market during the second half of the year 2017 for some trims, and the other trims are expected during the early months of the year 2018. It is expected to cost between $80,000 and $100,000 depending on the trims chosen.

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