Mazda Koeru Concept

The Mazda Koeru Concept was introduced in September 2015 to be released as a 2017 model. Rumors have been spreading that the model will act as a replacement of the first series of CX-9 SUVs. These rumors could be supported by the fact that this company has already renewed all its series for future editions except the CX-9. The current edition was introduced in the year 2006, and many will hope that an upgrade will be done on the current features.

Mazda Koeru Concept Front

Mazda Koeru Concept – Interior and Exterior Design

On the front, you are likely to find muscular bumpers and a large grill that is shaped like a shield. The model will feature quarter-less windows, and has a roof that is similar to the one found in the coupe. The Mazda Koeru Concept is a full-sized SUV, and this is supported by the large distance between the ride height and the wheels. Many are expecting that the model will have a higher roof and larger wheels. The higher roof will be beneficial to the passenger’s since it will provide more space for the headroom. The models tracks will be slightly bigger than those found on the CX-5 model. The model features a wider and longer study. The models overall height is slightly shorter to lower the center of gravity and thus to improve the stability of this car.

The Mazda Koeru Concept still features lightweight body parts and rigid design. Auxiliary lights have replaced the air outlets found on the corners. A KODO unique wing has been complemented with the LED light around the model to give it an astonishing look. A special technology that reduces noise in the vehicle has been applied; this means that the users can enjoy quality music or FM radio with the least noise disturbances. The emerging SKYACTIV technology has been featured in this model.

The trimmings have been made to be less fancy. The display on the dashboard will contain an array of controls which will include the infotainment system and the analog cluster display. Navigation system will be available. Extra features will include an auto-braking feature, keyless entry, and other enticing features.

Mazda Koeru Concept interior

Mazda Koeru concept – Engine and Performance

The engine found in the Mazda Koeru Concept will most likely have four cylinders and a capacity of 2.5 liters or the sky active turbo four-cylinder engine that would be placed under the hood. Both engines will be powered by either gasoline or diesel. The producers of this model seem to be doing away with the port injection system for the more current direct port injection system. The direct port system has been claimed to improve the fuel efficiency and power delivery.

Aerodynamic have received a complete upgrade to buffer the performance of this vehicle. The airflow over the body has been optimized while the underflow turbulence has been optimized. These upgrades will ensure that the vehicle is very stable even at high speeds. The Mazda Koeru Concept will be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in about 7.5 seconds and could achieve a maximum speed of 125 mph. The suspension has been made driver-focused while a power steering has been included for better handling.

Mazda Koeru Concept side

Mazda Koeru Concept – Release Date and Expected Price

The model is going to be debut in the market by the mid of 2017. The Mazda Koeru Concept is expected to have an asking price of about $28,000 for the basic versions.

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