Mini Paceman 2017 Review

The producers of Mini Paceman have refreshed their thoughts for the production of a 2017 model. The Model will be introduced in the market under the name Mini Paceman 2017. This model will be one of the simplest and the most affordable car that you are going to find in the car market. Those who love cars produced by the Paceman will be anticipating the arrival of this upcoming model.

Mini Paceman 2017 FRONT VIEW

Mini Paceman 2017 – Interior and Exterior Design

This new model is going to get a refreshed look and an improved facelift. The Mini Paceman 2017 will have fewer doors while the roofline height has been extended to provide more headroom for the passengers. Headlights will get some slight renovations while the bumper has also been refreshed. The inclusion of LED technology in the headlamps will be a great advantage. The models ride height will be slightly reduced to improve the stability of the model. The cargo space will be more than enough for carrying the luggage available. Use of weight reduced materials will also be noted, and this is bound to improve the fuel usage for the model.

The extensive use of high-quality materials in the interior will give the Mini Paceman 2017 a better interior that will ensure the maximum comfort of the passengers and the driver. The interior will be black in color. The aggressive front side and the sports look will certainly make the model to have a unique look. The infotainment system in not what you would call modern but it will certainly have some good features similar to the ones found in the current model.

Some of the new features available will include the upcoming head-up display. Collision alert sensors have been installed to warn the driver before a collision of the other features that you will be surprised to find is the parking assistant. The vehicle would have been incomplete if the usual number of airbags and seat belts were missing.

Mini Paceman 2017 interior

Mini Paceman 2017 – Engine and Performance

Some really good low weight engines have been lined up for the 2017 model. The engine provided will have a capacity of 1.6 liters with a power output of 185 hp and a good quantity of torque. This engine will feature a Double turbocharger with a maximum of three cylinders. The other engines provided in some variants. This engine will be a 2.0-liter engine with about four cylinders. The Mini Paceman 2017 is going to feature better acceleration rate that will enable it to reach speeds of 60 mph within a time of around 7.8 seconds.

It has been speculated that the engine may also be combined to an electric motor. The front wheel drive will be available in the basic model while the all-wheel drive will be provided as an option. The transmission provided will either be a six-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission system. The model top speed is going to be around 137 mph. A sports suspension has been incorporated in the Mini Paceman 2017 to better the driving experience.

Mini Paceman 2017 rear view

Mini Paceman 2017 – Release Date and Price

The Mini Paceman 2017 will debut in the market in early 2017 with prices starting from around $25,000 and may shift higher since the models will be provided with options.

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