Skoda 7 Seater SUV

The Skoda Company is working hard to come up with a seven Seater model that is set to debut in the next year or in the months that are coming. The model is going to go by the name Skoda 7 Seater SUV. The Skoda Company has made their presence be felt in the car market in the recent years. By releasing this new model, the Skoda Company hopes to increase their sales margins to greater depths. Large cabin space, more doors, and an advanced seating setup will be some of the expected changes to be noted o this specific model. There are possibilities that the coupe model will only be available in the Chinese market.

Skoda 7 Seater SUV front

Skoda 7 Seater SUV – Interior and Exterior Design

On the fascia design, you will expect to see the unique Skoda grille that is likely to be flanked by the angular shaped LED headlights that will feature the use of projectors as a visual improvement mechanism. Fog lamps have been installed on the lower side of the bumper and the skid plate; they will look like those of the superb comb. Large wheels and muscular arches are some of the improvements to be noted on the exterior of Skoda 7 Seater SUV. The bold shoulder lines will be added as a visual increment to the model.

The angular design will also be used to decorate the rear tail lights. Roof spoilers and skid plates with silver finishes will be incorporated. The Skoda SUV will feature double exhaust pipes. The large length of the rear door will tend to indicate that the interior cabin space provided will be large enough to accommodate about seven passengers. The middle row will be able to slide backward and outward for the balanced seating arrangement. The clam shell bonnet will be one of the unique features to be found in the model. A sharp crease will run all round the car for enhanced visual design.

Large air intakes will be made possible via the use of vents and openings just below the grille. At around 4.7 meters long the model could not be considered as small. The model is going to feature five doors that will cater for the increments in space. The instrument panel will also receive some retouched to keep up with the current technological advancements. Various safety measures will be included to make sure that the model will be safe for everyone.

Skoda 7 Seater SUV interior

Skoda 7 Seater SUV – Drivetrain

The Skoda 7 Seater SUV will get a variation between diesel and gasoline powered power trains. Two types of engine setups will be included in the model; a 1.8 liter or 2.0 liters TSI engines. The 2.0-liter engine will have a twin turbocharger that will enable a power output of about 237 hp. The engines will be linked up with either a six-speed manual transmission system or a seven-speed DSG transmission. The Skoda 7 Seater SUV will be provided two types of drive platforms; front wheel drive or the all-wheel drive unit. Under seven seconds, the model will be able to achieve a speed of about 62 mph. With a fuel economy of about 50 mpg, this could be considered to be a decent performance.

Skoda 7 Seater SUV rear

Skoda 7 Seater SUV – Debut Date and Estimated Price

This model is expected to be seen in the market in the mid of 2016. Details concerning the price of the Skoda 7 Seater SUV have not been confirmed, but the prices will be expected to start in the regions of $20,000 to $25,000.

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