Suzuki SX4 2016 Review

The Suzuki SX4 2016 is undergoing final touches as many SUV lovers await its official release. This particular vehicle is expected to be endowed with diverse outstanding features that will make it to be amongst the market leaders. Most of these features will be an improvement of the features found in the previous models. However, there will also be various features that will be newly introduced as Suzuki tries to keep up with advancing technology in SUV making.

Suzuki SX4 2016 front view

Suzuki SX4 2016 – Exterior and Interior Design

Suzuki SX4 2016 is expected to have an exterior design that will give it a more intimidating and powerful look. This vehicle will also be made slightly larger than the older models because most SUV customers prefer relatively bigger cars. Amongst the exterior features that this vehicle is anticipated to have includes improved aerodynamics which will be facilitated by state of the art features. This vehicle will also have an enlarged grill on the front side which will have in build fog lights. This vehicle is expected to have freshly designed LED head lights which will help in enhancing its looks and also improving the driver’s vision. At the front there will also be ample space to allow air to pass into the powerful engine for cooling purposes. The bumpers of this car will most likely remain the same especially because many customers liked the ones on the previous models. However, the rear side of this vehicle will be redesigned with the tail light being made sleeker. Inside the Suzuki SX4 2016 there will also be major changes which are meant to make this vehicle more comfortable and convenient to drive. On the interior the vehicle is anticipated to have a beautiful black trim which will make this vehicle look elegant. The vehicle will have six seats which will all be covered with leather with an objective of enhancing comfort. The windows of this new SUV will be opened using a remote control. It is also expected to have ample leg and head room. The luggage capacity of this car will also be increased where this new model will have space to carry more than 430 liters of luggage. The cabin of this vehicle will also be improved where there will be a large touch screen on the center of the cabin. This screen will be used to control most of the features of this vehicle and also to alert the driver in case some of the features are not operating properly. This vehicle will also have improved entertainment system and various connectivity options such as a USB port, Bluetooth and navigation amongst others.

Suzuki SX4 2016 interior

Suzuki SX4 2016 – Engine and Fuel Economy

This Suzuki SX4 2016 will have two options when it comes to engine. One of the engines will be a 1.6 liter turbo diesel engine that will have the ability to generate a 118 hp and torque of 235 pound feet. This engine will be paired with six speed transmission n will be using 4.2 liters or every 100 kilometers. The other engine option will be a 1.6 liter petrol engine that will have the ability to produce a 118 hp and a torque of 115 pound feet. This engine will have five speed transmission and a fuel consumption of 5.5 liter per every 100 kilometers which is equal to 43.6 mpg.

Suzuki SX4 2016 side view

Suzuki SX4 2016 – Price and Release Date

This new Suzuki SX4 2016 is anticipated to be released to the market during the first quarter of 2016 and its price is expected to be just slightly higher than that of the previous model.

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