Toyota CH-R 2017 Redesign

The Toyota had quite a successful period behind. Some of the legendary models such as Avalon and Tacoma achieved great popularity. However, Toyota does not stop here. For its loyal fans, but also new customers, they have prepared another exclusive model. It is a Toyota CH-R 2017, coupe crossover that will set new standards when it comes to modern vehicles. Maybe words coupe crossover sounds a bit strange, but it is clear that the future is moving in the direction of the compact crossover which size and shape resemble the coupe. It may be noted that the originator of such models was BMW X6. Let’s find out more about the Toyotas latest vehicle which will for sure achieve great results on the market.

Toyota CH-R 2017 front

Toyota CH-R 2017 –┬áSeductive Style:

Before it show us what the future will be like, the new Toyota CH-R 2017 will show what it means to change the present. This is certainly a model that attracts a lot of attention with its appearance. For this, it can thank an incredibly attractive, dynamic lines. Precisely machined surfaces and muscular body show all the charm designs. The LED lights have very stylish modern design and grill is minimalist and reflects aggression. Although the concept of this model was represented with the three-door, in reality, it is a five-door crossover. This information has not been confirmed yet, so we will stick with the facts we know. On the doors will also be placed sidelines making the whole look more interesting and elegant. On the back, you can see the finish of an extraordinary vehicle with lights in the shape of a boomerang and massive bumper. There is also a tailgate.

It is understood that in such a vehicle interior must be comfortable and quality, but also beautiful. Five people will be able to comfortably accommodate in the new Toyota CH-R 2017, space will be sufficient even for corpulent people. The seats and steering wheel will be covered in leather while some details will be made of aluminum. Infotainment touchscreen will have the size of 8 inches and will use Toyota Touch 2 system. In addition to the automatic climate, it can be expected an ambient light, and how much attention has been paid to details, shows the illuminated space for cups. Currently, this is information that is available, and more detailed description of the interior will be released later this year.

Toyota CH-R 2017 interior

Toyota CH-R 2017 – Engine and Transmission:

Good looks are not the only thing that Toyota CH-R 2017 will have. With such a great vehicle comes a rule that must be accompanied by appropriated engine. Presented as a crossover that is able to follow the daily activities of the driver, it will have a four-cylinder 1.2-liter turbocharged engine. In addition, there is the possibility of a hybrid engine for the European market that will use the 1.8-liter unit. The first option will produce 133 hp, and the other up to 120 hp. When it comes to transmission, there will be two options: automatically Toyota continuously variable transmission or automatic transmission with six speeds. The drive will be on the front wheels, and optional on all four.

Toyota CH-R 2017 rear

Toyota CH-R 2017 – Price and Expected Sale:

Some sources suggest that the price of new Toyota CH-R 2017 could be about $ 24 000, but this is only a rough guess. The sale is expected in late 2016.

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