Toyota Fortuner 2017 Price, Specs

The upcoming Toyota Fortuner 2017 comes with a four door set up and is available in a variety of trims which include V, G and luxury models. This powerful SUV has been specially designed with an objective of meeting the needs of the customers who like powerful and elegant looking Toyota Fortuner 2017. The exterior of the vehicle has a modern and intimidating appearance which is facilitated by a variation of different modern attributes. The interior is equipped with different state of the art element which besides making the vehicle comfortable, they also make it convenient to ride on. The engine has also been engineered in a way that the vehicle gets ample power to navigate through even off-road terrains which are tough.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 front view

Toyota Fortuner 2017 – Exterior and Interior

The restyling of the head lights on this modern Toyota Fortuner 2017 has played a major role in making it look more elegant and aggressive. These head lamps are strategically positioned on the edges of the front area and use the modern LED technology to make them more effective while at the same time reducing the power consumed by the lighting system. The front area also has a sleek grille which is made with anti rust metals and is restyled to further enhance the elegance and aggressiveness of the vehicle. The Toyota Fortuner 2017 is also endowed with a massive bumper which makes its appearance look powerful and helps in protecting some of the elements on the front area. This bumper houses the inbuilt fog lights which are essential in reducing reflective lights’ effects when it is snowing or raining. One can also note the large air vents on the lower front area which supply the engine with enough cooling air for it to work efficiently. The designers of this SUV have also restyled the tail lights where they now look sharper and elegant. The spoilers on the roof of the vehicle are also instrumental in enhancing the elegance of this new SUV. The vehicle rides on aluminum covered wheels which further makes it look elegant and improves driving dynamics.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 has leather-covered seats which are adjustable to ensure people of different sizes can conveniently ride in the vehicle. it is also equipped with a well-lit and neatly arranged dashboard which also comes with a big color touch screen. This screen is vital in enabling the driver monitor and control some of the attributes of the vehicle. The vehicle has a digital steering wheel which is covered with fine leather to give the driver better control. The infotainment unit has been upgraded and there is also a modern climate regulator that is able to keep the interior temperatures at standard levels regardless of the exterior temperatures. Riders also get to enjoy a variety of connection possibilities and there are upgraded security and safety attributes inside the vehicle.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 interior

Toyota Fortuner 2017 –Engine and Performance

This intimidating SUV gets its power from a number of engines depending on the trim with the primary engine being a 3.0 L unit with ability to generate 168 HP. The unit is coupled with a five drive automated transmission and comes with a front wheel drive system. This unit provides the SUV with high fuel economy and is rated highly when it comes to acceleration.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 side view

Toyota Fortuner 2017 –Release Date and Price

The Toyota Fortuner 2017 is anticipated to make its entrance into the market some times in mid 2016 and its price is expected to be just slightly higher than its predecessor.

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