Volkswagen T–Roc Concept

Modern family of Volkswagen SUVs has the newest member named Volkswagen T–Roc. It may be noticed that names of almost all SUVs from this manufacturer beginning with the letter T, such as the Tiguan and Touareg. Name of this new model should reflect its ability when it comes to off-road driving. It will be very suitable for driving in different conditions and terrains. Rain, snow, mud or sand are not a problem when we are talking about this great SUV. Despite its size which is smaller than the Touareg, it will have more advanced options. With the three doors, it is designed as a compact crossover. It was introduced in 2014 on auto show in Geneva as a concept and will represent the direction in which next Volkswagen SUVs will move.

Volkswagen T–Roc front

Volkswagen T–Roc – Rocking Style:

Considering that it is marked as a vehicle powerful enough to overcome many obstacles, these characteristics are also reflected in the appearance. With its compact dimensions, Volkswagen T–Roc is certainly a symbol of power and agility. Phenomenal mask on the front side shows a new idea for a grid with large holes. Headlights will have a sharp shape and very aggressive appearance and LED technology will take care for perfect illumination while driving at night. Large and round fog lights that are located below the grid will provide safer driving in bad weather conditions. Some rumors say that front side will contain the hidden camera that will record events while driving. Although it looks very massive, this SUV will have 3130 pounds which are a very good result.

The interior of the new Volkswagen T–Roc reveals how much attention was paying to details. With a little unreal look, this cabin will delight anyone who sits in it. The leather is the main material and that is not valid only for the seats but also other elements. Attention will attract a large touchscreen with a size of 12.3 inches, which will be located in the central part. Beside it, the passengers in the rear will have an available tablet for more driving fun. Modern technology will make the presence of automatic climate control, navigation, audio system and much more. Drive have adjustment availability using this three modes: Snow, Off road and Street.

Volkswagen T–Roc interior

Volkswagen T–Roc – Interesting Engine Mix:

When it comes to the motor of Volkswagen T–Roc, we can say that is a mixture of several different models. For example, its brilliant 2.0-liter diesel engine is taken from the GDT model and will produce up to 181 hp and 280 lb/ft. It will be mated to a seven-speed automatic dual clutch transmission. A system that allows driving on all four wheels (called Haldex 5 Based 4 Motion) is taken from the Golf R. Speed which driver will be able to reach with shiny T-Roc is 130 mph.

Volkswagen T–Roc rear

Volkswagen T–Roc – Hope to be Produced:

For now, there is still no information will Volkswagen T–Roc is produced. It remains only to hope that the company will decide on this step in order to enrich the offer in the compact SUV segment. The price is still difficult to speculate, but it may be like some other models of Company, say GTD diesel.

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