VW Tiguan GTE Active Concept

The VW Tiguan GTE Active concept is an innovative version of the famous Tiguan GTE concept. Volkswagen auto maker has indicated that the new car will be a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) with a new hybrid gas-electric power engine. The vehicle debuted in Detroit 2016 revealing the next generation SUV that will hit the US market in form of long-wheeled base suitable for hard terrain.

VW Tiguan GTE Active concept front view

VW Tiguan GTE Active Concept – Stylish Interior Design:

The VW Tiguan GTE Active concept has a long wheelbase and short overhangs. It is made on the revolutionary Modular Transverse Matrix thereby acquiring a very impressive look. The vehicle measures 176 inches in length, 74 inches in width and 69.5 inches in height. The wheel base is 105.6 inches long. The notable changes made from the previous model include a new shape face, lusterless aluminum shield and stronger front skid plate. The front bumpers have also been redesigned while the rear and sides have extraordinary air in-takers. The vehicle has the standard LED lighting alongside the entirely new LED daytime lights which are C-shaped.

This vehicle’s sides are noticeable with unique off-road tires and wheel-arc extensions as well as sill protection. The back of the car has a firm underbelly protector made of lusterless aluminum and like the front, it has four disposable polymer protectors. The bottom of the bumper is protected by an all-terrain trim. Additionally, the vehicle has hard aluminum metal hooks for towing or removing barriers a long its truck. The Volkswagen automaker also highly considered the interior of this model. The interior is well designed for the comfort of the driver with Nappa leather utilized in upholstery. The VW Tiguan GTE Active concept has strips in the air-conditioner similar with the color of the exterior. Furthermore, the seats, armrests and the door trim panels are covered in Rhodium grey while dark graphite is applied on the setbacks and side surfaces.

Concerning the interior technology, this SUV has a digital Active Info Display, a 9.2 inch touch screen with a resolution of 1,280×640 pixels linked to the automaker’s modular infotainment platform (MIB). Additionally, the car has a great Connectivity with Apple Car-Play, Android Auto and also Mirror-Link features are available.

VW Tiguan GTE Active concept interior

VW Tiguan GTE Active Concept – Engine Specs:

VW Tiguan GTE Active concept SUV has a turbo-charged and direct injection engine which is very powerful and efficient. The TSI engine produces 148 horsepower and 184 pound-ft of torque and has double electric motors which produce an amazing 221 net horsepower. This is because, the first motor yields 54 horsepower and the second one 114 horsepower. When producing 221 horse power, this SUV can sprint to 60 mph in about 6.4 second. The hybrid engine power will also provide the vehicle a driving range of up to 580 miles and it can move for 20 miles on electric power alone.

The engine system is connected to a dual-clutch automatic gearbox with six-speed. Additionally, the hybrid drive train system also consists of distinct driving modes that can turn to front drive, rear drive or four-wheel drive. The car also features a regenerative braking system. When the driver releases the accelerating pedals or brake and the battery is not full charged, the two electric motors begin working as generators.

VW Tiguan GTE Active concept rear view

VW Tiguan GTE Active Concept – Price and Release Date:

The estimated base price for the VW Tiguan GTE Active concept $ 50,000. The release date might wait until 2017.

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